Fargo Gets Its Geek On at ValleyCon

The 42nd Annual ValleyCon kicks off this weekend with its celebration of pop culture.

ValleyCon features some of the best in film, television, books, comics and even game tournaments.

Noteworthy guests this year include acclaimed actor Jeffrey Combs, top New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden and celebrity make–up artist RJ Haddy.

“There’s people from a wide range of backgrounds here.  We have people that are Microsoft technicians and bankers and athletes that are here and they’re all fans of star wars or star trek or comic books or something and they come to have a fun time and party for the weekend,” says Tony Tilton, Chairperson of ValleyCon.

More than 50 vendors are set up, including comic collectors’ items, jewelry, art and even clothing.

“I’m just here in front of my star wars Lego collection here, it’s just for ValleyCon. It’s just a really good place to come out and geek out and raise some money for charity and to really express how much of a nerd or how passionate we are about this stuff,” says vendor Zachary Nienas.

As the community comes out for ValleyCon they explain why it’s so fun and why they come out each year.

“Meeting the voice actors and everything.  The actors, all the people, just a lot of people here are really nice and it’s nice to get to know them,” says Nicholas Sheffield.

For those who have been waiting to meet some of their favorite characters, autographs will be available throughout the weekend.