Essentia Nutrition: Making Healthy Decisions at the Grocery Store

When you’re trying to get in and out of the grocery story fast, comparing nutrition labels can be the last thing you want to do.

Especially since it can be like comparing – well, apples to oranges.

But in our Essentia Nutrition story, there’s a new system that aims to standardize nutrition info.

Nuval is a system where we can look at a numeric score for the food that we eat. It’s a system developed to put on food label at the grocery store that gives a score of the food. This was created by a leading nutrition authorities in the nation. They came up with this very complex algorithm that basically takes all the nutrients and vitamins, the fats, the healthy fats, minerals, fiber, sodium, those types of things and divides it by the unhealthy. And you get this score. So you might find typical products in their more natural state are going to have a higher score. As dieticians, we hear that it’s too expensive to eat healthy. That’s kind of a misconception because the canned vegetable is healthy for the body as the fresh one at the farmer’s market.

Is it easy to find products that are labeled 100 if I really want to eat healthily?

It is the more natural state the food is in, is best. And is a higher score. The products that don’t have animal sources. So your plants are mainly 100. So when you’re grocery shopping, look near the price tag on the shelf and see if that number is there. If you don’t see it, ask the grocery store manager. Maybe they don’t know about Nuval, but as consumers ask for it, then we’re more likely to see it around and in every grocery store.

If you have more questions on what local stores in town have the Nuval system, click here.