NDSU Bison Push for Flu Vaccinations Across the State

The North Dakota Department of Health wants you to get your flu shot.

It’s no secret that the Bison have a big influence on our state.

The North Dakota Department of Health joins NDSU on their annual flu shot day for student athletes.

The shots are given by the NDSU School of Pharmacy.

They’re taking the opportunity to spread the word about the importance of getting vaccinated across North Dakota.

“It’s really important in healthy people,” said Jill Baber, who is the Influenza Surveillance Coordinator with the North Dakota Department of Health. “A lot of people think if you’re healthy then you don’t need to be vaccinated but that’s not true. Influenza can really cause severe disease in anybody.”

This is the first time the two have partnered for the annual event.

“They asked us if they could come here and do the press conference and maybe see a student athlete get a vaccination and help promote that across the state,” said NDSU Associate Director of Athletics-Internal Operations Scott Woken.

One NDSU star who you might recognize, QB Easton Stick, rolled up his sleeve in hopes that you’ll do the same.

And he’s someone North Dakotans definitely want to stay healthy.

The Department of Health doesn’t want you or Easton to think one shot protects forever.

“Unlike some vaccines,” explained Baber, “the flu vaccine wears off after about a year or two and because flu viruses are different than other viruses they change very rapidly.”

That also means the vaccination changes.

“There are three of four different components depending on what kind of vaccine you get,” said Baber. “Those components did change slightly this year so you definitely have to go out and get your flu vaccination this year too.”

And next year.

You can receive your flu shot at several locations including your local health care provider or pharmacy.

The flu mist is no longer available because it was found to be ineffective.

The CDC recommends you get your flu shot before October ends, although it is available through the winter.