Prepare Your Ride: Winterize Your Car

Chilly temperatures are already on the rise, which means now is the perfect time to winterize your car.

It may not be snowing yet but everyone knows that winter starts early around here.

This means that it’s time to transition our vehicles from summer to winter.

We took in one of our station cars to find out what needs to be done to keep it riding smoothly this season.
“On your vehicle right now you’re at the point where it would not be safe for driving in the winter,” said OK Tire Store Sales Manager Shawn Eggermont. “So we are going to remove the old tires, install a nice new all seasons set of tires so you have maximum traction and most importantly safe for winter.”
Eggermont says your battery if one of the most important things to have checked.
“You can stop by our shop or any other reputable shop,” Eggermont said. “Most of them will do a free battery check for you. That’s going to be very crucial when the temperatures get down to 20 and 30 below.”
Checking on your coolant plays a major role in car maintenance as well.
“Also, it’s going to be coolant,” Eggermont explained. “You want to make sure that your coolant looks good, isn’t overly old, and doesn’t smell burned. Otherwise your car will not heat properly.”
Service technicians also explain why it’s so important on getting your car checked out now, rather than waiting on winter to actually start.
“We always advise the sooner the better,” said Service Advisor Jason Radcliffe. “It’s better to be proactive versus reactive as far as with your coolant and if your breaks make noise you want to get that checked out right away.”
With the best winterizing tips and advice, our news vehicle along with many other vehicles should be ready to tackle any blizzard.

Crews can typically change all four tires on your vehicle in about an hour.