Get More? How About Less? T-Mobile Fined $48 Million for Not Informing Customers

T-Mobile says they are trying to make good on doing bad business.

The wireless carrier is slapped with a $48 million dollar fine for not telling customers it would slow down so-called unlimited data plans if they use more than 26 gigs.

The FCC says the company did not make it clear to its users that this would happen and how much data would then trigger the slower speed.

T-Mobile is third in the nation when it comes to wireless providers and has now put on small print on its website users will experience slower speeds on unlimited plans for using excessive data.

The FCC says customer complaints about data services from T-Mobile were what prompted the investigation.

They say customers said their data was “unusable” for several hours a day.

T-Mobile says they will pay $7.5 million to the government and compensate customers with $35 million in mobile data and other discounts.

The company says it will also donate $5 million in free tablets and other devices to low income school districts for the next four years.

They say they are just trying to restore customer loyalty and make things right.