Moorhead Police Investigating Home Invasion

Moorhead Police are looking for three men suspected of an early morning home invasion.

“Information that we have is that there were two tenants in the apartment on a third floor apartment and they reported that three unidentifiable Somalian males broke down their door,” Lt. Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead Police Department.

During the break in, one of the young adults inside the apartment jumped from the balcony to the ground.

That’s when the suspects fled on foot without taking anything.

The tenant was transported to Sanford Hospital but had non-life threatening injuries.
“At this point we still need to understand what the relationship is between these parties and what was their purpose and if there was a connection with the individual that jumped from the balcony,” said Lt. Jacobson.
Neighbors say this morning’s break-in has them concerned about the safety of themselves and their children.
“It’s a little scary because it’s the next apartment complex over and I have my kids and my husband,” said MSUM student Tiffany Perry. “We’re good people and I thought this was a good neighborhood.”
“There’s a garage door that’s right in front of my mom’s patio that people do all kinds of drugs and just suspicious things around there,” said Brianna McConnell, who works at a business in the neighborhood. “So it’s kind of worrisome with my kids being here.”
People in the neighborhood also say that they’d like more police presence in the area to discourage future home invasions.
“I hope that it’s patrolled more because it’s starting to get pretty bad over here so I just hope that it stays safe,” said Perry.