ND Democrats Urge State Republicans to Pull Trump Support

North Dakota Democrats are calling on state Republicans to pull their support for Donald Trump.
They point to recent recordings where Trump talks about groping women.
Minnesota Republicans have started pulling their support for Trump including former Governor Tim Pawlenty.

But North Dakota Democrats called out North Dakota’s Republicans for remaining silent.
“Today, I am no longer silent.  I’m calling out this racism, sexism, and hatred,” democratic ND House District 16 Candidate Lisa Dullum says.
Their message is simple: “What will it take?”
“Regardless of political party, North Dakotans want leadership. If that leadership doesn’t come from the Republican’s candidate, than I would hope it would come the candidates running to represent our communities and state. Unfortunately, all we have heard is silence,” democratic ND District 44 state representative Josh Boschee says.
They’re saying the issue of sexual assault is not something we can ignore.
Republican Senator John Hoeven made a statement a day after the Trump tape saying the Presidential candidate should apologize, but Hoeven has not pulled his support.

Mary Schneider, Democrat from District 21, says the party loyalty has gone too far.
“I understand and can respect party loyalty, I really do, but no political party should stand for, condone, dismiss, or ignore sexual assault,” Schneider says.
Republican candidate for Governor Doug Burgum says he’s shocked and disappointed in what he calls two flawed presidential candidates, but still thinks it’s economically better for North Dakota to have a republican president.
“I still believe it’s important for use to have a Republican in the White House. The reason why is because of the policies of Hillary Clinton, she’s anti oil through the EPA, she’s potentially anti-agriculture,” Burgum says.
We reached out to the North Dakota Republican Party. Their statement reads, “We’re also interested to know if they’re going to publicly disavow Hillary Clinton, who has made a career of corruption and pay to play politics. She has publicly stated that she wishes to put coal miners out of work and has actively taken an anti-fracking stance, putting two of North Dakota’s most important industries at risk.”