NDSU Campus Community Tackles Binge Drinking

NDSU ranks higher than other schools when it comes to binge drinking among students.

That’s why staff and community members got together to talk about tackling the problem.

This Town Hall meeting is held every two years to update the community on the results of NDSU’s efforts to deal with unsafe substance use by students and also hear from the community on what concerns they have.

The take away from this meeting is that there is good news and bad news when it comes to binge drinking at NDSU.

Overall NDSU officials say that binge drinking hasn’t gone down among students in the past year, but on the other hand, crime and other issues related to binge drinking in fact have gone down.

“Keeping our eye on the prize is certainly lowering that binge drinking rate,” said Laura Oster-Aaland, who is Co-Chair of the President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs at NDSU. “But not just because we’re against drinking. Because we know that negative consequences come when students drink to those levels.”

To help combat that issue, NDSU has been more and more determined to get students actively involved in encouraging other students to drink responsibly.

“We kind of identify students who are viewed as mentors and role models on campus,” said student Macy Royston, who serves on the Student Engagement Committee on campus. “Then we specifically request them and then we train them on how to exhibit positive and healthy drinking habits so that all the people that are following them and respecting them can just naturally follow in that progression.”

By getting student leaders to pass along good behavior to other students, NDSU hopes to completely change the alcohol culture of the campus and finally tackle the persistent issue of students binge drinking.

If you’d like to learn more about NDSU’s drug and alcohol policies, click on this link.