Out of Your Gourd? Decorate Your Pumpkin at the Fargo Library!

In preparation for Halloween, the Dr. James Carlson Library in Fargo invited kids and their families to the annual Pumpkin Decorating open house.

The event began at four and the community room was packed in just a few minutes.

Library employees say the event is a great time for kids and parents and also helps introduce kids to their local library.

The event is a BYO, or bring your own pumpkin, but all the arts supplies are provided by the library.

“As far as pumpkin decorating goes, there’s nothing that can go wrong,” said Children’s Program Associate Cindy Liudahl. “They bring their own pumpkins and they just get to let loose and we provide pom poms and yarn and anything just to make them look snazzy. They can use their own imaginations and be creative.”

If you missed the event this evening, there will be a second session at the North Port Library on Thursday starting at 4 pm.