West Fargo Fire Department Opens Doors to Community

Have you ever wanted to check out the gear firefighters use close up?

Local kids and families got the opportunity to get up close and personal with the life–saving gear thanks to the West Fargo Fire Department.

This is the first open house held by the department in a while and the idea to bring it back came thanks to fire prevention week.

Kids get to try on the firefighter gear, sit in the driver’s seat of the trucks and both adults and kids can learn about fire prevention.

“The main goal is to open the doors to like we would say, our house, so the community can come in,” said West Fargo Fire Captain Steve Baron. “Being with fire prevention and stuff like that going on right now, we’ll get kids familiar with the firemen so if we happen to go to their house for and emergency they’re not scared of us when we come in with our air packs and our masks on.”

The fire department says they hope to organize events like this one regularly in the future.