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Board of Trustees Tours Jeremiah Program Housing Facility

The two-story building will be home to 20 families which were recommended by social services to take part in the Jeremiah Program

FARGO, ND — The Jeremiah Program prepares single mothers to excel in a career and helps their children to succeed in school. National and local Board of Trustee members toured its campus in Fargo, which opens in January. The two-story building will be home to 20 families which were recommended by social services to take part in the Jeremiah Program….

Former Fargo Officer Loses Appeal, Will Not be Reinstated

David Boelke appealed his removal from the force to clear his name

FARGO, ND — The Civil Service Commission will not reinstate a former police officer who was fired from his job in August. David Boelke appealed his removal from the force to clear his name. It’s a case the Fargo Civil Service Commission says was no easy job. “It’s a challenge,” said Jane Pettinger, who is on the FCSC. “This is…

Drekker Brewery Expanding, Building New Facility

The brewery is set to open in August and will have several spaces for private and community events as well as an area for food trucks

FARGO, ND — Drekker Brewery is building a destination brewery and taproom in Unicorn Park. The building where the brewery will be located was previously a storage space that was used in the 1970’s. Drekker said they chose the location for the soul of the building and that it’s always been the company’s dream to use it as their own….

Detroit Lakes City Council Votes on Raising Purchasing Age on Tobacco

No seat was empty during the three hour meeting

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — The meeting was standing room only. The Detroit Lakes City Council voted on raising the purchasing age people can buy tobacco. Karen Crabtree was one person in support of the ordinance raising the age from 18 to 21, and she addressed the council. “We’re not here to argue about whether vaping is healthy or not,” Crabtree…

Sky Fitness: A Workout Where You Can Embrace Your Inner Child

The workout is all done on a trampoline and helps exercise many muscles you normally don't use

FARGO, ND — Sky Fitness is making working out fun again. The Sky Fit program is a 30 minute, high-intensity workout program on a trampoline. MPX Fitness partnered with Sky Zone to start the program, which helps people work all the muscle groups they might not normally use in other physical activities. Some are saying the program makes them feel like…

Four Alumni Inducted into North High Hall of Fame

School picks inductees based on how they served their high school in the past and the community now

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo North High is recognizing alumni for their contributions to the school. Jill Larson, Chris Myers, Arthur Phillips and Ray Callaghan were inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame. Every year, the school picks alumni to induct into the Hall as part of their Homecoming events. The inductees attend the Homecoming pep rally, speak in classes and go…

West Fargo Park District Holds Fall Rummage Sale

The sale helps residents get rid of unwanted craft items, antiques and collectables

WEST FARGO, N.D. — They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  This was the case at the West Fargo Park District’s Fall Rummage Sale. Admission is just $1, and kids 17 and under got in for free. The park district puts on the sale every year before the cooler season to help people get rid of unwanted items….

Demolition Days 2017: A Car Competition With a Twist

Drivers smash compact, stock and limited weld cars into each other

HANKINSON, N.D. — Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. It’s Demolition Days 2017. Compact, stock and limited weld cars smash into each other and whoever is still standing gets $5,000. “It’s kind of just an excuse for people to make a lot of noise and wreck stuff,” said Hankinson firefighter Jordan Krump. Demolition Days has been a part of the Hankinson…

Terminated Police Officer Has Appeal Hearing With Civil Service Commission

David Boelke says even if he's reinstated, the job won't be the same

FARGO, N.D. — David Boelke tells us he started helping others as a child, when he would go to his older brother’s concerts. “I’d stand there for what 15 minutes holding doors for old ladies,” said David Boelke. He would continue his mission to help people as a Fargo Police officer for 15 years. In August, he was fired for…

United Blood Services in Desperate Need of Donors in Wake of Hurricane Harvey, Irma’s Impending Landfall

They are also doing it to prepare for situations like natural disasters

FARGO, ND — United Blood Services needs donations, and they need them now. From the everyday people in Fargo who have blood transfusions, to the people affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, blood donations are important to patients around the country. Bob Seigel has donated blood for over 45 years. “It’s more of a habit than anything else,” Seigel said….