Danielle Church

Phones, Computers Containing Chips from Intel, ARM Holdings at Hacking Risk

it includes all Microsoft and Apple equipment

NATIONAL — Security researchers have found just about every phone and computer containing a chip from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices and ARM Holdings could be hacked. That includes two of the biggest software developers including Microsoft and Apple. Their processors could be used to open any device with a security feature on them even though it doesn’t have permission. Experts say…

Local Bars Get Ready For Bison Fans This Weekend

some include tailgators sports cafe and herd and horns

FARGO, N.D. — Not every Bison fan can make it down to Texas to cheer on their team. Instead fans can cheer on the Bison with one another at some local businesses. Bison fans bleed yellow and green all year round but when it comes to the championship game, the colors pour out even more in places like Herd and Horns….

City to Demolish Empty House Next Month in South Fargo

they say the house is too dangerous to live in and getting rid of it will improve the neighborhood

FARGO, N.D. — After receiving many complaints from neighbors about 1410 1st Avenue South, the City of Fargo inspections department has decided to demolish the house. When the previous owner died, people broke in and started living there. The city considers the building dangerous and will demolish it to improve the neighborhood. Anyone who may be interested in the building will…

Sheyenne High School Giving Back to Babies in Need

it started out at a project in a child development class

WEST FARGO, N.D. — A child development class at Sheyenne High School is taking one of their projects well beyond the classroom. Not only is it teaching the students life skills, but they’ll be making donations to babies stricken by poverty in the community. The holidays may be over, but the season of giving isn’t. “There’s a lot of giving before…

Essentia Health Launches App To Help Expecting Mothers

it has a timer for contractions, interactive videos to show moms what a pregnancy should look like

FARGO, N.D. — It’s an expecting mother’s one-stop-shop for all the information she wants on her pregnancy. Essentia Health has designed an app called “Oh Baby”. It tells expecting mothers how the baby is growing inside their body and what they can expect during the pregnancy through interactive videos. Women can track their contractions, know what types of medications they can…

How to Avoid Busted Pipes During The Winter

Experts say to keep your heat at 55 degrees

  FARGO, N.D. — It’s time to turn up the heat with the temperature dropping more every day. Even if you plan to get away for New Year’s weekend, some say it’s important to keep the temperature in your apartment or home at 55 degrees. Experts say it’s the best way to keep your pipes from bursting which can also cause…

KVRR’s 2017 Year in Review

a look back at the top headlines of the year

  FARGO, N.D. — Just like that, 2017 started and is already over. But with every year, there come the stories that show the good, the bad and the ugly of society. Here’s a review of Fargo’s 2017 from the many people throughout the community trying to make a difference to the tragedies this community will never forget. DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE…

Staying Safe in Extreme Weather When In An Accident

temperatures will hit below minus 20 this weekend

  FARGO, N.D. — Some people were lucky enough to get away from Fargo’s below zero temps during their Christmas vacation. But now that’s all over. “It was 30s and 40s there but you just get out of the car and get gas and the wind hits your face and you’re like ‘well, yeah, we’re further north now,’” said Jason Olson….

Ted E. Bear Donates Teddy Bears to Children at Sanford Hospital

two boys and two girls were given the gifts

FARGO, N.D. — For more than 10 years, Sanford Children’s Hospital has been receiving hand-sewn teddy bears from an anonymous donor. The only thing the hospital knows about the person is they go by Ted E. Bear from Horace. This year, Sanford has received four bears to hand out to two boys and two girls. One-year-old Payton Rohlik was one of…

Park Christian Students Host Annual Eggnog Chugging Contest

an eighth grader won the competition in under a minute

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Students at Park Christian School were put to the test to see who could chug one quart of eggnog the fastest. Every year, the school hosts the competition as a way to celebrate the holiday season. More than a dozen students participated in chugging eggnog this year. But the competition proved to not even be a challenge for…