Emily Welker

Ask Danny: Finding A Roof Leak

Find it before the precip finds you.

Everyone loves warmer spring weather, but with warmer temps and the major melting this season, there is a downside. If your roof has had just as tough a winter as you have, you may have sprung a leak just in time for spring. Finding it may not be as straightforward as you think, either. Let home improvement expert Danny Lipford…

LIVE: Suicide — The Ripple Effect

Connecting with other survivors, with a film that shares a survivor's amazing story.

It’s a documentary film that tackles one of the toughest topics facing our times, and in spite of its difficult subject matter, “Suicide: The Ripple Effect” is already sold out for this week’s showing at Marcus Theaters. The documentary features the incredible life story of Kevin Hines, who survived an attempt at suicide by jumping off the world-famous Golden Gate…

LIVE: Interstate Drug Busts

State troopers are bagging more suspected dealers than ever before.

Drug traffickers have long used our interstate through North Dakota as a means to shuffle mass quantities of drugs to points here and further east. Now, though, with the expansion of legalized marijuana to 25 states and counting, drug trafficking offenses are coming less often from south of the border and more from the Western part of the United States….

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Bosco

The senior wiener you need in your life.

Bosco is teaching us all a lesson in wearing your senior years with style. The 14-year-old dachsund is still strutting and sniffing out treats in his elder years, and he filled the studio with delight on the Morning Show. Bosco and his buddy, 4 Luv of Dog rescue Kish Hilmert, joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker for a live in-studio…

Tech Tip Today: Apple Pay Cash

Forget your wallet? Apple may have you covered.

If you accidentally run out the door without your wallet — but with your smartphone — you may still be able to finish all your shopping in one go. The Apple Pay Cash feature is one that can help you buy what you need from people via a text message. Check it out with Francie Black in this week’s Tech…

App of the Week: Sticky AI

Stick it to 'em with this app.

Today’s App of the Week may leave you in a bit of a sticky situation. That is, you could find yourself playing with it and all its cool effects when you’re supposed to be doing something productive, like cooking dinner or balancing your bank account. But that’s not as fun as this app, as Francie Black shows us. Stick it…

Thinking Green: Plastic Carpet

It may be a shock to find out it's made of plastic recyclables.

Your carpeting can give you quite a shock this time of year, what with static electricity and all. But what’s an even bigger shock to the system is finding out that you can buy carpet made with plastic recyclables. Not only do they not conduct static electricity, but they also give new life to things like plastic bottles and other…

Ask Danny: Outdoor Lighting Fixes

It's one of your home's most important security features.

When it comes to landscaping lighting, it’s important to make sure it’s working properly. Not only does it make it a lot harder to negotiate the walk from your door to you car without good outdoor lighting, it’s also key to preventing prowlers and other unwanted visitors from sneaking up to your home undetected. Danny Lipford shows us how to…

LIVE: RRV Sportsmen’s Show

Answer the call of the wild.

If the long winter is wearing on you and you’re feeling a little bit of a wild hair to get outdoors and play, there’s no better opportunity than the Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Show at the Fargodome this weekend. The entire floor of the Dome is filled with boats, pontoons, jetskis, and outdoor outfitter’s displays perfect for your spring and…

Tech Tip Today: Email Scams

Don't be caught up in a world wide web of lies.

It seems like every week, Fargo police and other area law enforcement agencies are warning us about someone in the region who’s fallen prey to the latest email scam. It’s no wonder — scammers are getting more and more sophisticated, and their techniques are getting tougher and tougher to spot. Francie Black shows you where the red flags lie hidden…