Emily Welker

Thinking Green: Solar Water Heaters

Let the sun shine in.

We’re finally getting a consistent string of sunshiny days around the region this week, and it would sure be nice to harness some of that energy to heat up the water to start our workday with a nice hot shower. Let home improvement expert Danny Lipford show you how to get the maximum benefit of our sunny stretch here in…

Ask Danny: Standing Water

We're taking a stand against standing water.

First we had almost no precipitation. Then, over the course of the last few days, it all seemed to come at once. And that means it tends to puddle up where you least want it too; namely, in your yard, possibly threatening your basement. Fortunately, Danny Lipford has a way you can fix the standing water brewing in your backyard….

Melinda’s Garden: Dahlias

Worth a small fortune at the florists. Now, you can grow your own.

They cost a pretty penny to buy in a bouquet at the flower shop, and they make for an incredibly pretty garden display if you plant them in your flower beds. So why not save yourself a bit of money and grow your own dahlias to enjoy all summer long? Melinda Myers teaches you the trick to getting dahlias going…

LIVE: The Boiler Room

The secret to a perfect scotch egg revealed just in time for Restaurant Week.

If you haven’t gotten your fill of fine dining for this year’s F-M Restaurant Week, you’re in luck, because the biggest restaurant week since the event’s inception is still running through Saturday in the metro area. We’ve been covering the event all week, and this time, we’re digging into the offerings at the Boiler Room in downtown Fargo. Among its…

Tech Tip Today: iPhone Storage

See what's slowing you down on your phone.

If your phone balks, stalls, or just flat-out refuses to do something you need it do, chances are there’s something taking up space on it. But no one wants to go hunting through everything on your phone to see what the biggest unwanted files are. Let Francie Black show you a way to find and get rid of what’s slowing…

LIVE: Restaurant Week

The man behind the HoDo's delicious menu.

It’s the biggest restaurant week lineup in the FM Restaurant Week’s five-year history, and it could just be your ticket to the most delicious meal you’ve ever had. Restaurant Week is underway in Fargo right now through June 16th, and one of the must-make stops on your tour of the metro’s fine dining spots is the HoDo in downtown Fargo….

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Norm

If this cat's expression makes you think he's up to something, it's because he is.

Norm is a cat that was quite difficult to get a screen shot of for this profile story, and it’s not because he’s not a photogenic guy. He is. It’s just that Norm literally never stopped moving the entire time he was live in the studio with us on the Morning Show with Emily Welker. Norm and his buddy, Homeward…

App of the Week: Thunderly

In the thick of severe weather season, the timing couldn't be better.

In the middle of summer, there’s almost no force on earth that can get us out of the boat or off the golf course. But there is a force ABOVE earth — and that’s severe weather, complete with lightning strikes, headed our way. We’re in the middle of severe weather season now, and there’s a way to track not just…

Thinking Green: Solar Shade Cloth

We're throwing shade at environmentally unfriendly home cooling solutions.

When the rain clouds clear up and the puddles go away, sooner or later, it’s going to get hot around here. And that means it’s time to start breaking out the sunglasses and pouring out the sunscreen. Give your house a little sun protection too with a green-friendly solution to sun exposure and heat gain in this week’s Thinking Green.

From Boston to the Red River Valley: Mayor’s Conference

From small hometowns to major cities, they're meeting in Boston about our futures.

There’s a lot at stake this election day up and down the Red River, with a number of local elections being decided this June 12th election day. While we’re headed to polls the make up our minds about the change at hand, mayors from all over the country from cities both large and small are headed to Boston for the…