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LIVE: The Boiler Room

The secret to a perfect scotch egg revealed just in time for Restaurant Week.

If you haven’t gotten your fill of fine dining for this year’s F-M Restaurant Week, you’re in luck, because the biggest restaurant week since the event’s inception is still running through Saturday in the metro area. We’ve been covering the event all week, and this time, we’re digging into the offerings at the Boiler Room in downtown Fargo. Among its…

LIVE: Restaurant Week

The man behind the HoDo's delicious menu.

It’s the biggest restaurant week lineup in the FM Restaurant Week’s five-year history, and it could just be your ticket to the most delicious meal you’ve ever had. Restaurant Week is underway in Fargo right now through June 16th, and one of the must-make stops on your tour of the metro’s fine dining spots is the HoDo in downtown Fargo….

From Boston to the Red River Valley: Mayor’s Conference

From small hometowns to major cities, they're meeting in Boston about our futures.

There’s a lot at stake this election day up and down the Red River, with a number of local elections being decided this June 12th election day. While we’re headed to polls the make up our minds about the change at hand, mayors from all over the country from cities both large and small are headed to Boston for the…

Happy Harry’s RibFest Kicks Off

You Can Start Piling Up The Ribs At 11 a.m. Wednesday

  Four days of ribs, music and fun begin Wednesday at the Fargodome. Happy Harry’s RibFest is a sign that summer is here in the valley. KVRR’s Adam Ladwig talks with Aussom Aussie Barbecue as they show off their ribs and pulled pork. The owner of Aussom Aussie moved here from Australia and brought Australian-style barbecue to the U.S. Australian…

LIVE: Bike Sharing The Red’s Geology

Researching the Red on a bike you share.

Riding the Red River trails on a bicycle is always a great way to spend a summer’s day. Now, students at an NDSU Geology class are taking a special trip up and down the Red to gauge the river’s effect on the region’s geology — and they’re doing it with Great Rides. The Fargo metro’s bike share company is setting…

National Donut Day

The Salvation Army's rolling out the donut troops (and the dough while they're at it).

Lines are stretching down Broadway in downtown Fargo, and that’s for one reason and one reason only – National Donut Day. Year after year, donut makers fry up batch after batch for the big celebration, and at Sandy’s Donuts in downtown, a dollar from each dozen goes to support the Fargo Salvation Army. That’s because the Salvation Army and donuts…

LIVE: Kitten Shower

Good thing they always land on their feet.

No, kittens aren’t literally raining from the skies, although it must sure seem that way to the workers at Homeward Animal Shelter. Kitten season has hit hard and fast in the region, and the wave of kitties they’re swimming in at the shelter has given new meaning to the phrase “raining cats and dogs.” Right now there are 29 kittens…

LIVE: State of the Arts

The way arts and business intersect in the region drives millions of dollars in revenue.

The arts are a major driving force of the Red River Valley economy, and there’s no time like now to tap into that creative energy. That’s because the annual State of the Arts is coming up next month, and it’s where the art world of the region converges all in one place to stimulate ideas, share new projects, and find…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Moose

A shaggy dog story with -- we hope -- a happy ending.

Believe it or not, Moose is an Old English sheepdog. That’s right, the beloved and familiar face you remember from Barkley on Sesame Street is right in front of you, but minus about 2 pounds’ worth of ill-kept long fur, mats, mange, tangles and ticks. Moose was rescued from a situation in which the big guy didn’t ever get to…

LIVE: Artist Series — Play For A Cause

A playwright who's the latest in a long line of those who give other artists a way to shine.

When you think of art, chances are, you think of a painting or a sculpture. But the art we probably consume the most is created by people we hardly ever think about at all. If it wasn’t for writers, 90 percent of the TV and the movies we watch — in fact most of our modern-day entertainment wouldn’t exist at…