Morning – In The Community

LIVE: Big Blue

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns More About The Big Blue Machine At Courts Plus

Courts Plus’s Personal Trainer, Chris Chamberlin, teaches KVRR’s Jackie Kelly how to use the Big Blue machine. For more information about Big Blue, click here.

LIVE: Unglued Craft Fest

We're making messes and rolling with the crafty types on the Morning Show.

If you’re feeling a little bit creative or just want to be inspired by folks who are, search no further than the Plains Art Museum this weekend. That’s where the 8th Annual Unglued Craft Fest will gather arts and crafts appreciators from all over the region to explore, admire, and create some of their very own foods, goods and crafts…

Going Green

Can you choose greener technologies without it costing all the green in your wallet?

Everywhere you look, it seems like someone’s telling you to go green — buy organic products, reduce your carbon footprint by shopping locally, replacing your old gas guzzler with a hybrid or electric car. But buying green can often cost more than traditional technologies. Local cities and companies are making green work: the city of Fargo harvests landfill gas and…

Experiments with KVRR Meteorologist Scott Sincoff: Newton’s Fountain

Fun and Easy Science Experiments

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff and Dr. Graeme Wyllie of Concordia Science Academy did a cool science experiment that you can do with any strings of beads you may have lying around. The first thing to do is cut several of the bead necklaces to form single lengths which you can then twist together to make one long strand. These should then…

LIVE: Valentine’s Day Pro-Am Boxing Massacre

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Talks With Olympians Virgil and Denean Hill About The Valentine's Day Pro-Am Boxing Massacre

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks with Olympians Virgil and Denean Hill about their experience and the upcoming Valentine’s Day Pro-Am Boxing Massacre event. The event will take place on Saturday, February 10th at 5 p.m. at the Delta Hotels by Marriott in Fargo. Click here for ticket details.

LIVE: Giving Hearts Day

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns More About Giving Heart Day

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks with Dakota Medical & Impact Foundation’s Executive Director, Pat Traynor, about Giving Hearts Day. Giving Hearts Day will run all day on Thursday, February 8th. A link to donate can be found on KVRR’s homepage.

LIVE: Go Red For Women

Have a heart -- go red for a woman you love.

We’re not wearing red on the Morning Show in honor of the Patriots heading back to the Superbowl — although the big game is on almost everyone’s minds as we start off this first weekend in February. Instead, there’s something else we want you to think about too — heart disease and the fact that it kills almost one in…

LIVE: Super Bowl Snacks

Hornbacher's Teaches KVRR's Jackie Kelly How To Make Pickle Roll-Ups

Hornbacher’s Assistant Deli Manager, Michael Rhea, teaches KVRR’s Jackie Kelly how to make pickle roll-ups. Pickle roll-ups are a quick and easy snack to serve at any Super Bowl party!