Morning – In The Community

Pet Connection: Meet Gidget

Give a pet one more day of love and comfort for Giving Hearts Day.

If Gidget looks familiar, it’s because we’ve had her on the Morning Show before. The tiny senior citizen is celebrating her 106th day in hospice care, courtesy of Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue. Rescue worker Ryan Keel brought her in to the Morning Show to talk with Emily Welker about how Gidget was found wandering the street, sick, small,…

Home Inspection Horror Stories: Mousecubes and Other Matters

Don't let low inventory lead you to a new home purchase that's a house of horrors.

Lars Knobloch is honest about his intentions in posting his new home inspections video series, “Lars Knows,” on Facebook. “We’re trying to scare people,” he said, when he sat down with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio. “We’re trying to show people what to watch out for.” Knobloch, an inspector with Nordic Inspections, serves the Fargo area and…

LIVE: Airport Delays

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Tells Us Why Six Flights Made An Unexpected Stop In Fargo

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks about the six flights that made an unexpected stop in Fargo due to a winter storm. A day later and over 500 passengers wait to go home.

Experiments with KVRR Meteorologist Scott Sincoff: Melting the Icy Hand

Fun and Easy Science Experiments

What you need for the experiment: Cup of water Driveway or rock salt Icy hand (made of ice in a latex glove) Plastic spoons Tray How to do the experiment: This week, we’re going to melt an icy hand. The first thing you do is put a little bit of water over the icy hand to unstick the latex glove…