Morning – In The Studio

The First Day of The Last Jedi

We check in with superfans from the region to find out if it lives up to the hype.

The critics are calling it the first truly great Star Wars film. The fans have been lining up for days. The theaters in the Red River Valley are showing it on nonstop rotation. There’s just one catch if you haven’t bought your tickets yet to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” yet: you probably won’t be able to get in…

Pet Connection: Meet Tesha

This old girl is learning some new tricks -- like how to get around on three legs.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not Tesha, that’s for sure. The 8-year-old German Shepherd is recovering from a recent amputation of her right forelimb. While a lot of us would feel pretty sorry for ourselves after facing such a huge medical ordeal, Tesha’s sweet personality has come through her surgery intact. After all, it’s better…

Help With Hannukah: Understanding the Festival of Lights

From fried foods to fighting for freedom, it's a holiday for everyone.

Tuesday night marked the first moments of Hannukah, as Jewish families all across the country and right here in the Red River Valley region gathered around the menorah to light the first candle celebrating the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights. If you missed it, don’t worry — Wednesday is the first full day of the holiday. There’s still plenty of…

The Gift of the Downtown Experience: Gift Cards

The new, one-stop shop way to get all of downtown at one go.

If you’re still stymied as to gifts for loved ones this holiday season, time is running out. But a new gift card on offer from Fargo’s Downtown Community Partnership could streamline the holiday gift-gathering process. The cards can have any amount, from five to five hundred dollars, loaded on them. They’re good at fifty different downtown businesses and they can…

Money Talks: Compound Interest

Seems like a magic trick, but really it's just a bit of math and pre-planning.

Paul Meyers may not be a magician, but he sure knows how to dazzle us with his financial advice. The Legacy Wealth Management financial specialist sat down live in studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, magic wand in hand, to teach her a few simple tricks you can try at home that will pay off in the long run….

Net Neutrality: Why You Should Care

The internet as we know it could be ending with Tuesday's vote.

Do you like Netflix? Shop on Amazon? Do you support friends and family members who have small businesses and run a website so people can find them? Guess what? All your access to those websites — and for that matter, maybe this one — could be about to change. It’s the end of net neutrality, where as long as you…

Fargo In Food & Wine: BernBaum’s Restaurant

They're putting flyover country on the map.

If you like food & wine, you’ve probably heard of Food & Wine. It’s one of the country’s premier publications on dining and drinking, and it’s got a huge following. Now, the many thousands of foodies across the country are finally hearing about the Fargo food scene thanks to a recent piece that highlighted, in large part, the downtown Fargo…

A Shining Night: F-M Gay Men’s Chorus

Live in-studio with Emily and Jackie, they're making the holidays sparkle.

It’s been four years since the vocalists of the Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men’s Chorus were kind enough to let Emily Welker break the story of their very first live performance, and they’re sounding better than ever. The men are holding their fourth holiday concert this weekend, Sunday, December 10th, with a lineup as varied as a Rachmaninoff piece, to popular holiday…

Pet Connection: Meet Murphy

With his snow-white fur and senior status, he's kind of the Santa of dogs.

Murphy the Maltese mix might just be the perfect dog for the holiday season. With his soft white fur and big brown eyes, he could be a tiny little Saint Nick — or maybe just an animated cotton ball. Murphy, at 14, was given up by a family who couldn’t care for him any longer, and he’s looking for a…

LIVE: Helping People Without Work For Winter

"Job Attached" Have Options To Help During Non-Working Months

  Carey Fry with Job Service North Dakota joins us with tips for “Job attached” people. That means they have a job but don’t work during part of the year. Normally, that list includes construction workers and other people who work outside. Fry tells us that it’s easier to collect unemployment if you still have a job but can’t work…