Morning – In The Studio

Pangea: Cultivate Our Cultures

Roots Converging On The Region From Around The Globe

It comes from the term for aeons ago, pre-continental drift, when all the Earth’s continents were fused together in one giant landmass. Now, the teeming masses of humanity right here in Cass and Clay counties are converging on one location this weekend. That’s the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, and they’re coming for Pangea, a celebration of all the cultures represented…

LIVE: Bringing Awareness to Homelessness

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week Hoping to Highlight Issue Locally

  Cody Schuler, Executive Director of the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons, talks about a week-long effort to bring awareness to the issue locally. Schuler says about a thousand people experience homelessness every day in the F/M area. Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is designed to spread awareness about the issue. Events run throughout the week. You can find a…

LIVE: How The Kusters Family Came To Town

How the Local Community Honored the Family of the Dutch Destroyer

  Chamber President/CEO Craig Whitney shares the story of how the Kusters family was welcomed to Fargo this past weekend. Lukas Kusters, known as the “Dutch Destroyer” was a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan. When he was diagnosed with cancer, his wish was to meet Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Kusters got his wish, meeting Wentz, but sadly he lost his battle…

United Way Acts of Kindness

Spread the word. We did, and it's going from the metro across two states.

There’s a movement afoot to take small acts of kindness and see how far they can spread. It started years ago in the Fargo metro area, according to officials from the United Way of Cass-Clay, and now it’s gone clear across both North Dakota and Minnesota. Heck — it even got its own week this year in the state of…

Money Talks: One Year Since The Election

Markets may be the only place that wasn't a rollercoaster.

It’s been a year (what? ONLY a year?) since the Presidential elections in 2016, and while it’s seemed like a virtual rollercoaster in the news cycle, you may be wondering what it’s meant in the big picture for the financial markets during that time. Turns out, it’s been surprisingly steady since then in spite of all the upheaval in the…

LIVE: Get Wrapped Up In The Holidays In Downtown Fargo

Downtown Community Partnership Hosting Seasonal Activities

  Nicolette Berge with the Downtown Community Partnership joins Adam Ladwig to help us get wrapped up in the holidays. The organization is hosting a list of events this holiday season in downtown Fargo, starting with the Holiday Lights parade on November 21st. You can find out more about the entire series of events online at  

LIVE: Celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights

Diwali Celebration This Weekend

  Members of the Indo-American Association of the Great Plains share some of their culture and talk about Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. They explain the meaning of the festival and how to properly celebrate it. The group is hosting a Diwali event Saturday, November 11th at Faith + Journey Church at 800 40th Avenue East in…

Flu Season Snapshot

We talked with local health care leaders about what we're up against this year.

  Numbers show that only 46.9% of us 6 months old and older in North Dakota got their flu shot last year.  Brenton Nesemeier, an epidemiologist with the North Dakota State Department of Health, talked with the Morning Show’s live in-studio about why getting your flu shot is so critical for the flu season that’s already underway.

LIVE: Sifting Through Food Misconceptions

Documentary Screening in Fargo Hoping to Cut Through Fake Food News

  Joey Myers with CommonGround North Dakota, an advocacy group composed of female farmers and ranchers, joins us to talk about food misconceptions. The group is hosting a screening of the documentary “Food Evolution” on November 7th at the Fargo Theater. The documentary talks about how misinformation about food can spread quickly on social media. Myers says things like genetically…

LIVE: All in the Family with Bison Illustrated

Second Generation NDSU Athletes Highlighted In This Month's Issue

  Bison Illustrated editor Joe Kerlin joins us to talk about this month’s issue. They’re highlighting Bison athletes whose parents also competed for NDSU. Plus, an infographic about Carson Wentz’s historic second season in the NFL. You can pick up any of Spotlight Media’s magazines for free at stores across the F/M area. Find out more information by clicking here.