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App of the Week: Google Assistant

Find out why it's more than just a voice-assisted search.

What did we do without virtual assistants? Siri and Alexa have made our lives so much more entertaining and in a lot of cases, function almost the way a live assistant would. Google has its own assistant, too. Find out with Francie Black why it’s much more than just voice-assisted search in this week’s App of the Week.

Thinking Green: Clay

DIY goes artsy-craftsy for home repair projects.

Turns out, sculpting modeling clay isn’t just for your kids’ craft project anymore. There are all different ways to use clay for home repair, and although you don’t want to raid the kids’ craft drawer, clay can play a major role. Check out ways to play with clay — and make your home greener in the process — with this…

Brain Power Makes Powerful Connections: Special Olympics Trivia Night

Pit your noggin against your friends' and neighbors' for a good cause.

Would you say you’re smarter than your buddies are? How about your neighbors and colleagues? Coming up later on this winter, you can put your intelligence to the test for a really good cause right here in the Red River Valley — the Special Olympics of North Dakota/Cass County. Local leaders of the Special Olympics are inviting you to a…

Experiments with KVRR Meteorologist Scott Sincoff: Melting the Icy Hand

Fun and Easy Science Experiments

What you need for the experiment: Cup of water Driveway or rock salt Icy hand (made of ice in a latex glove) Plastic spoons Tray How to do the experiment: This week, we’re going to melt an icy hand. The first thing you do is put a little bit of water over the icy hand to unstick the latex glove…

Ask Danny: Moving Furniture

When your living-room look is refreshed but the carpeting isn't.

Rearranging the furniture in a room is one of the fastest (and cheapest) ways to give your home a whole new look on the inside. It can make a room look cozier or more spacious, homier or more sophisticated. However, moving your furniture can also leave the carpet with the “ghosts” of where the old legs were behind. Let Danny…

Tech Tip Today: eco ATM

Need some quick cash after the holidays? Trade in your old tech.

If you got a bright shiny new tech toy under the Christmas tree this year, you’re probably wondering what you should do with your old gadgets. Turns out there’s a way you can turn them into some shiny new coin to go with that shiny new technology. Let Francie Black lead you to a little windfall in this week’s Tech…

Oregon Residents Brace For Pumping Their Own Gas

New Law Gets Rid Of Pump Attendant Requirements

  Many people in rural Oregon are struggling with something most of the rest of the country can do without thinking twice. Pumping gas. Reporter Cole Miller tells us that while some are fine filling their tanks, others want to pump the breaks on the new pumping law.