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The Valley’s Winter Parking Problem

Adam Ladwig Learns First-Hand When His Car Gets Boxed In

Snow isn’t only cold, wet and annoying. It’s also a magician, hiding things in plain sight, and the result of that trick can leave you trapped. There’s a Facebook page called Fargo Can’t Park. It’s pretty harmless. People post photos of poor parking jobs, people straddling the line, people parked in front of hydrants. Even KVRR was featured on the…

Ask Danny: High Water Bill

Check for water flow indoors before the melt starts it flowing outdoors.

Our back to back storms and projected lows below zero this week notwithstanding, warmer spring temperatures are just around the corner — and that means a lot of melting and running water outdoors. But what about running water indoors? Over time, it can be almost as expensive as flooding can be. Check in with Danny Lipford in this week’s Ask…

Tech Tip Today: Airtable

Some fresh air in the world of your spreadsheets.

Excel may be the tried and true standard for most of us when it comes to using spreadsheets. However, just in time for spring, there’s a breath of fresh air and a new option to try if you need to do some number-crunching. Check out how Airtable can work for you in this week’s Tech Tip Today with Francie Black.

App of the Week: KIDSlox

Reduce your screen time (by engaging in some screen time) with this app.

Experts suggest the amount of screen time kids choose for themselves can sometimes be hazardous to their development. But how do you convince kids of that? Heck, you can barely pry them away from their devices long enough to focus on dinner. In today’s App of the Week, Francie Black turns screen time into a tool for parents to save…

Ask Danny: Paint Finish Problems

Go high-gloss or low?

What with the blitz of back to back storms and plummeting temps predicted for the rest of the week, spring hasn’t sprung so much as sputtered so far. That may leave you with a bit more time on your hands to take up indoor projects than you’d anticipated. So how do you know which paint finish to pick for your…

Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

Supreme Court Justice Weighs In

  The ruling is in. Hot dogs are officially sandwiches. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently issuing the controversial opinion during a late night interview. “The Notorious RBG” handing down a decision in one of the nation’s most hotly-contested questions of little to no importance. NFL star J.J. Watt, actor Matt Damon and media personality Al Roker are all…

Tech Tip Today: Bitcoin

Buying bitcoin made easy.

It’s tough to stay on top of Bitcoin. The ever-volatile online currency is up one minute, down the next, so it can be really difficult to figure out when to buy. Let Francie Black show you a nifty trick that takes the guesswork out of buying Bitcoin in today’s Tech Tip Today.

App of the Week: Ada

You're virtually well again in no time.

This year’s flu season is winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still tough to get in to see the doctor when symptoms of illness strike. Fortunately, you have another option right there at your fingertips. Check out this free health assessment with the use of artificial intelligence, in today’s App of the Week with Francie Black.

Thinking Green: Post-Consumer Recyclables

Do you know where yours go after you chuck them in the bin?

Did you ever stop to wonder where your recyclables go after you toss them in the recycling bin? Chances are, they could wind up on the shelves at your favorite store. Should you consider buying goods made out of recycled products? And if so, do you know which ones are the best to buy? Check out Danny Lipford’s advice about…

Spring 2018: What Does the Weather Mean for Agriculture?

Looking Ahead to the Planting Season

You wouldn’t know it by looking outside, but spring begins today. For farmers, the start of spring means planting season is right around the corner. And Mother Nature can make or break a farmer’s  yield, depending on what she throws at us in the next few months. This winter was marked with several Arctic outbreaks. “People probably remember these extreme…