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Ask Danny: Painting Tile

If you hate the tile in your bathroom, can you paint over it?

There are some tile colors that make it instantly apparent what era the homeowner was in when the tile was installed: 70s harvest green or gold, 60s pink, 50s turquoise. But if you don’t want to commit to the hassle of taking it out and re-tiling, can you paint over it? Danny Lipford explains what you’re in for in this…

Tech Tip Today: Ecard

Send your birthday boy or girl a smile, without finding a stamp first.

It’s a fun way to instantly send someone a smile, even though they could be on the other side of the world. Francie Black shows us how to send an ECard in this week’s Tech Tip Today.

App of the Week: Otto Radio App

Tailor your listening to the kinds of stories you want to hear.

These days we have more options than ever before when it comes to the kind of media we want to consume. Francie Black shows us an app that lets us cut through all the chatter on the radio airwaves to find our way to the kinds of stories and coverage that speaks to our personal interests.

The Opioid Epidemic: How to Get and Use Narcan

Save A Life With Naloxone, the Anti-Heroin Drug -- Now Available Without a Doctor's Prescription

Almost no demographic group has been spared the scourge of opiate and heroin addiction that’s claiming lives all across the country and here at home in North Dakota and Minnesota. But now, North Dakota is fighting back, with a unique approach to getting Narcan, otherwise called naloxone, an antidote that can save lives in the event of an overdose. North…

Thinking Green: Checking For Drafts

Save some green -- the planet, and some cash -- by cracking down on energy loss in your home.

Unfortunately, winter isn’t quite over in our part of the region. But that’s okay, because it gives us a great opportunity to check for leaks and drafts around the home. Not only does buttoning up potential energy leaks around the house help you save the environment, it also saves you some hard, cold cash when it comes to the cost…

Thinking Green: Soybean Home Insulation

Danny Lipford Tells Us About The Benefits Of Soybean Insulation In This Week's Thinking Green

Insulating your home is still, sadly, a prime consideration for us this time of year. If you want to do it the green way, what do you need to know? Danny Lipford tells us about the benefits of soybean insulation in this week’s thinking green.

Falcon Farming

Pesticides are controversial. See how some farmers are getting around the need for them with their feathered friends.

Farmers near Phoenix are getting some help ridding their fields of pests without using pesticides to do so. Small birds and other animals are a real problem for one family strawberry farm in Goodyear, Arizona. To stop the small pests from raiding their berries, the Duncan family uses hunting falcons and their handlers to help patrol the fields. It’s a…