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From “No Nudes” To “Know Nudes”

When her nudes got a no, Emma Beatrez found a way through the negative -- and draws us in closer.

Young artists are told in order to succeed, they have to try new things, get creative, and think outside the box. But  young artist Emma Beatrez found her ideas led to rejection right out of the starting gate, when her nudes were rejected over worries kids would see them. That’s the paradox at the heart of Beatrez’s work for Ecce…

Melinda’s Garden: Improving Your Yard On Less Time And Money

So you wind up with more time to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

We’re in the busy season now for gardeners in the Red River Valley, and it’s going to stay that way for quite awhile. Even after you get all your planting done, there’s still plenty of weeding, mowing and watering to keep you busy. How do you find the time to settle down and relax with all the work in the…

Tech Tip Today: Remote Printing

Printing emergencies, handled.

Printing emergencies can strike anywhere, anyplace, anytime. But when they strike when you’re away from the printer, they can be particularly hard to solve. Let Francie Black help you with instructions on how to print remotely on this week’s Tech Tip Today.

App of the Week: Apple Video

We don't use emojis or filters on our news. But if you use them in your video, we'll live through you vicariously.

From emojis, to filters, to all kinds of other nifty effects — they’re rarely appropriate for editing the hard news video we show you on KVRR. But they’re a lot of fun for person video use. Check out Francie Black with this week’s App of the Week featuring Apple’s new editing app, and let us live vicariously through you and…

Thinking Green: Recycling Electronics

Why you scoring the latest tech toy is no fun for the earth, if you don't recycle.

Scoring the latest in high tech toys and gadgets can be an exciting game — especially with new products coming out every few weeks rendering our old ones obsolete. But it’s not a game to Mother Earth when you toss the old electronics in the trash. In this week’s Thinking Green, Danny Lipford shows us how our old toys can…

Ask Danny: Bathroom Vanity

You wouldn't use the wrong product on your skin. Why use the wrong one on the vanity?

When it comes to getting ready for work in the morning, you make sure to choose high-quality soaps, shaving creams, and lotions to put your best foot — or face — forward. But when you choose to replace an old, worn-out or outdated bathroom vanity, do you know what products to pick? Let Danny Lipford show you how to get…

Jackie Do My Job: Golf Groundskeeper

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns What it Takes To Be a Groundskeeper at the Osgood Public Golf Course

All week long you’ve seen KVRR’s Jackie Kelly do different jobs throughout the area. The final job Jackie learned how to do was be a groundskeeper at the Osgood Public Golf Course in Fargo. Some of the tasks she did were clean up the golf balls on the course, roll the greens, and change out the holes.

Experiments with KVRR Meteorologist Scott Sincoff: Chromatography Blossoms

Fun, Easy, Kid-Friendly Science Experiments

This week, Meteorologist Scott Sincoff did a fun and easy science experiment with Dr. Graeme Wyllie, Coordinator of the Concordia Science Academy. The experiment was a chromatography blossom. Here’s what you’ll need: Water Soluble or Washable Markers Coffee Filters Small Cup of Water about 3/4 full How to do make a chromatography blossom: Take a coffee filter and draw dots…