Morning – Features

App of the Week: Adobe Spark

We do a lot of video editing here at KVRR. Here's an app that lets you join in the fun.

Video editing is just as much fun as it looks, and now you can put edited video stories together on your phone. Francie Black introduces us to an app that lets you add music, themes, sound and more to your video clips to make them worth sharing with anyone who wants the big scoop on your life.  

Thinking Green: Responsible Water Use

It's not just for the planet. It's for your pocketbook.

We’ve been hearing for decades about how you can help save the planet by saving what turns it blue from space: its beautiful, and finite, water resources. It may have started to sound like old hat to you by now. But did you know that you can save yourself some cash by undertaking a few fast, simple fixes around the…

Ask Danny: Painting Galvanized Metal

It's feeling like spring out there. Should you spring for sprucing up your home's exterior metal elements?

With the recent weather warmup, you’re probably thinking about making your house beautiful in time for spring and summer entertaining. But when it comes to painting your home’s exterior, do you know what to do with the galvanized metal elements and whether it’s safe to paint them or not? Danny Lipford tackles the beautification process in this week’s Ask Danny.

Woman Delivers Baby in McDonald’s

Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions and a Baby on a Bun?

It’s Burger King’s slogan, not McDonald’s — but they might want to consider changing it to “Have It Your Way” after a woman delivered her baby there. The woman went into labor in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in Tuscumbia, Ala. restaurant, receiving a little help bringing the McBaby into the world from one of the store employees — proving…

Tech Tip Today: Organizing Your Inbox

That thing is a disgrace. Clean it up with Francie Black.

We all try to stay on top of them, but emails are a lot like the dust bunnies under the bed — they multiply every time you turn your back. Francie Black has a way to keep your inbox nice and tidy with Tech Tip Today. Too bad she doesn’t do floors.


How to Spot the Fake Forecast

It’s not easy to decipher our local weather into 140 characters. But how can we make sure that the information we get is as accurate as possible? Mobile apps and Social media have become an increasingly popular way to get weather information. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give us pictures, facts and hearsay from friends and family. But is it the…

App of the Week: Personalized Valentines

No excuses left.

The good news first: no more standing for hours in the stationary store groaning over the cheesy cards. The bad news: Francie Black has taken away our final excuse for not sending the perfect Valentine to Mom, Grandpa, that girl you see every Monday at Starbucks… all in this week’s App of the Week.

Thinking Green: The Dos and Don’ts of Dryer Lint

Do: Use it for Modeling Clay. Don't: Leave it to Start House Fires.

Dryer lint, of all things, can inspire folks to get mighty creative. Some people even use it as a base for modeling clay. Whatever you do with it, though, don’t leave it in the lint trap for too long. Danny Lipford shows us what to do and what not to do with dryer lint in Thinking Green.

Ask Danny: Ceramic Over Vinyl Tile?

How much of a hassle is it to trade in your vinyl flooring for something a little more chic?

Danny Lipford doesn’t shy from hard work. But he knows you don’t need any more of it around the house, which is why he’s telling us how you can get the maximum impact from the minimum elbow grease when you go to upgrade from your old vinyl flooring.

Tech Tip Today: Browsing and Privacy

It’s not nice to invade someone’s privacy, but these days, online, you can’t ignore the fact that marketers, researchers and social media gurus are all interested in what we’re browsing for. Francie Black shows us how to make sure our private web-surfing habits stay private in this week’s Tech Tip Today.