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App of the Week:

Make sure you get credit for your photos wherever they're posted.

When you post your hard work online, the last thing you want is someone ripping it off. Especially when it comes to photos and other items people can pass of as their own. Francie Black puts her stamp on an app that helps you mark your photos and other original creations as your own, in this week’s App of the…

Exploring the Banks of the Red River

NDSU Students take a bike ride to learn about their home

The Red River in all its glory provides water to a lot of us across the region. But how has the river changed throughout the years? What starts off as a normal summer class has turned into an unorthodox classroom studying the nooks and crannies of what we call the Red. NDSU Geology students rode along the banks to enhance…

Thinking Green: Insulating Your Home

Thinking pink helps you in thinking green.

When it comes to keeping your home insulated the green way, try spinning the color wheel and thinking pink, instead — as in insulation. Danny Lipford shows us how to check to make sure your home is snug against the ravages of weather and its temperature extremes, saving your wallet and the planet in terms of heating and cooling costs,…

Ask Danny: Buckling Wood Floors

We buckle our shoes, we buckle our seatbelts. Let's not take this too far.

When it comes to spending time indoors, almost everyone can appreciate the polish and elegance of a hardwood floor. But if that wood floor buckles, that’s bad news. And you may want to look outdoors for answers as to why.  Danny Lipford shows us how to pull back on buckling in this week’s Ask Danny.

LIVE: F-M Restaurant Week 2017

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Talks With the Owner of Rosey's Bistro About Their Restaurant Week Menu

F-M Restaurant Week 2017 runs from June 8th-17th. KVRR’s Jackie Kelly traveled to Rosey’s Bistro in Downtown Fargo and talked with their owner, Tim “Rosey” Rosendahl, about their Restaurant Week menu. Rosey also taught Jackie how to make their lump crab meat grilled cheese. To see what restaurants are participating in the FM Restaurant Week  2017 click here.

Tech Tip Today: Saving Photos From the Internet

All your cute baby animal images in one place.

The internet is a worldwide phenomenon. It can transmit revolutionary ideas, inspire great thinking, connect communities and activists across the globe… or it can do what we all really use it for, which is sharing cute kitten and puppy images with everyone we know. Don’t be left behind. Check out this week’s Tech Tip Today for all your puppy and…

App of the Week: Marco Polo Video Chat

Find yourself through the pool of apps out there with this fun way to personalize your video chat.

Ah, video chats. Where would we be without them? Having a heck of a time connecting with Grandma long-distance, that’s for sure. They can be the best way to keep in touch with loved ones when you can’t see them in person. Now, Francie Black has a way to make video chats even better, in this week’s App of the…

Thinking Green: Tech Friendly

You don't have to sacrifice creature comforts for the sake of the planet.

You might think in order to live a green lifestyle, you have to give up some modern conveniences — a dishwasher, a washing machine and other appliances. Turns out, technology can be Mother Nature’s friend, as well as yours. Danny Lipford explains in this week’s Thinking Green.