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KVRR Morning Week In Review: April 24-28

A Beauty Queen, A Puppy, An Anchor Debut And More

  Adam welcomes Jackie to the anchor desk for the first time this week. Adam chats with Raquel Wellentin, Miss North Dakota USA, ahead of her competing in the Miss USA pageant next month. Jackie Kelly warns us about dangerous roads after this week’s snow with a story about skipping on the streets on the way to the story. And…

Melinda’s Garden: The Tomato Race

Get the biggest, juiciest tomatoes from your vines, faster than all the neighbors grow theirs.

Believe it or not, in spite of this week’s surprise snowfall, we are mere weeks away from the start of tomato planting season. But as sweet as spring and summer are in the Red River region, they’re also among the shortest growing seasons in the United States. The final average frost date in the Fargo region is May 20th. That…

Tech Tip Today: Booking Your Best Flight Prices

Francie Black has the insider tips on how to score the best vacation flight deals.

It’s almost summer vacation time, and you’re probably looking to start settling your budget for spending on this summer’s big trip. Why not let Francie Black show you how to spend less on your airline tickets so you can spend more on souvenirs, with this week’s Tech Tip Today?

App Of The Week: JRNL

JRNL Makes Writing A Journal Simple

  Personal journaling is a method of saving thoughts for self-reflection and growth. Using an app to journal allows you to capture those thoughts whenever they happen. JRNL app is simple & unique. The About Me section records specific insights.  Answer question about your family, education, and growing up. You can record things like “share valuable advice your father gave…

Thinking Green: Phantom Power

How much energy do you think your electronics take up every year? Would you believe it's as much as a power plant? How about 26?

Look around your house. How much energy do you think your electronics take up every year? Would you believe it’s as much as a power plant? How about 26? Your television, stereo equipment and computer may be turned off, but they’re still drawing energy from your home. It’s called “Phantom Power” and it uses about 450 Kilowat hours of electricity…

ASK DANNY: Tips For Lowering Energy Bills

There's a few simple things you can do to really drive your energy bill down.

There’s a few simple things you can do to really drive your energy bill down. One, regularly change your furnace filter. If you don’t, it gets dirty and it makes your heating and cooling system work a lot harder to keep you comfortable. Another thing is why keep the temperature in your home nice and comfortable all the time when…

Melinda’s Garden: Rain Barrels

Melinda Myers Shows Us How To Spruce Our Garden Up With A Festive Rain Barrel

  Don’t let all that rain run off the roof and down the storm sewer. Capture it with a rain barrel to use for watering ornamental gardens and containers. Use this century –old technique to help keep the water where it falls and reduce pollution. Start with a call to your local municipality. Some have restrictions on water harvesting but…

Tech Tip Today: Stand Out With a Picture

Make Your Business Stand Out Through the Pictures You Post. Francie Black Shows Us How in This Week's APP Of the Week.

Do you need just the pic to make your business or product stand above the crowd? If you are a small business on a tight budget but you need beautiful photos for your social media marketing or website, Francie Black has a great solution. Try the website Unsplash. They offer free high–resolution, striking photos that you can use for almost any purpose…

App Of The Week: Avoid Repetitive Tasks On Your Phone

Make your phone work for you, by doing repetitive tasks for you. Francie Black shows us how in this week's app of the week.

If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks on your phone, you can automate them using the tool Workflow, which was recently acquired by Apple. Workflow allows you to get tasks done faster, with a single tap. Create Workflows for business or personal use then save them as icons on your homepage. The easiest way to get started is by experimenting…