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App of the Week: MoviePass

Want to see all the Oscar nominees? Here's how you can do it at a discount.

Moviepass is creating almost as much buzz these days as the Oscar nominees themselves. The new app is designed to lure Netflix- and Hulu-loving cinephiles back into traditional movie theaters with a less-than-ten-dollar-a-month fee. But is the app all it’s cracked up to be? Break out the popcorn and watch this week’s App of the Week with Francie Black to…

Thinking Green: Pest V. Pest

Let 'em duke 'em out, and save you the trouble of spraying.

Yes: to many of us, bugs are gross. But you know what’s even grosser? Many of the powders, potions and poisons traditional gardening relies upon to save your landscaping and garden from destruction by insects. Not only can some species render your yard unsightly, but unchecked, they can destroy the tree canopy and wreak havoc on other important plants in…

Ask Danny: Fixing A Sagging Fence Gate

Sagging is spared none of us, not even garden gates.

When you install a gated fence in your yard, it usually looks great in the beginning. But as in so many things (including ourselves), a bit of sagging tends to develop as the years pass by. There’s not a lot Danny Lipford can do to tighten up your own personal exterior. But when it comes to the look of your…

LIVE: Youth Ice Fishing Derby

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns More About The Youth Ice Fishing Derby Hosted By The Fargo Park District

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly talks with Dave Wasness and Brenton Hell of the FM Walleyes about the Youth Ice Fishing Derby hosted by the Fargo Park District. The Derby will take place Saturday, February 24th at South Woodhaven Pond. Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. and the event will kick off at 2 p.m.  

Tech Tip Today: Google Assistant Olympic Games

If you haven't caught all the highlights, here's help.

You have a busy life, we get it. And sure, the Olympics come but once every four years… but even so, those two weeks’ worth of events pack so much action it’s nearly impossible for one person to stay up on every single highlight of the games. Francie Black gives us the lowdown on how to stay caught up in…

LIVE: The Little Mermaid

Come be part of her world.

The beloved classic fairy tale turned Broadway show is coming to life on stage with a middle-school class that’s made it a labor of love. And it’s coming to a Moorhead school stage, courtesy of the students at Horizon Middle School and director Kelly Dubois-Gerchak. Harrison Tim, who plays Prince Eric, joined Dubois-Gerchak and the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live…

App of the Week: Filmr

Video editing on the go.

Your videos are precious to you, but do they look as crisp and well-paced as they could? If you don’t have access to fancy professional editing programs, that may not be a problem anymore for your video quality. Francie Black gives you a peek at just how good a freshly edited video can look — without it ever leaving your…

LIVE: Big Blue

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Learns More About The Big Blue Machine At Courts Plus

Courts Plus’s Personal Trainer, Chris Chamberlin, teaches KVRR’s Jackie Kelly how to use the Big Blue machine. For more information about Big Blue, click here.

Ask Danny: Cleaning Soot

Chances are your fireplace's gotten a workout this winter.

We’ve still got plenty of time left to enjoy your fireplace this winter, but with use comes grit and soot. It’s a small price to pay for extra warmth and cosiness, but if you don’t want to sit in front of a scummy fireplace, Danny Lipford’s got the solution. Check out what it is in this week’s edition of Ask…

Tech Tip Today: USPS Informed Delivery

Stop stalking the mailman and watch this.

Have you ever been really, really, really excited to receive a package you knew was on its way — but then were driven distracted wondering when it would arrive? With mail thefts on the rise, it can be nerve-wracking to wonder from day to day when a delivery will come to your home. Now there’s a service the US Post…