Need More Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, etc. in Your Life? Get to the 2017 Fargo Film Festival!

The 2017 Fargo Film Festival kicked off this afternoon

FARGO, N.D. — It’s an event every member of your family or friends can enjoy and organizers of this year’s Fargo Film Festival say it’s going to be better than ever. Drama…comedy…science fiction and fantasy. Fill up your popcorn, grab a soda and sit back and relax while watching every kind of genre you can think of at the 2017…

Fargo Film Festival

From Oscar nominees, to buzzed-about films that won't even launch until later this summer, they've got it all.

It’s come a long way since Matt Olien and a handful of other film enthusiasts gathered more than a decade ago to brainstorm what would be the weeklong festival that graces the historic Fargo Theatre every spring. The theater’s biggest fundraiser and one of downtown Fargo’s biggest draws each year, the Fargo Film Festival draws participants from as far away…

Laserfest Lights Up the MSUM Planetarium

Crowds enjoyed a light show and music from over five decades

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The MSUM Planetarium is rocking out under the dome for an experience like no other. Laserfest is letting people treat their senses to dazzling light effects. The show features music from over five decades with genres like pop, rock and metal with artists such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Laserfest shows are open to all ages….

LIVE: The Positive Side Of Snakes With The Red River Zoo

St. Patrick Allegedly Banished Snakes From Ireland. Was That The Best Idea?

One of the legends about St. Peter is that he banished snakes from Ireland. Well, he didn’t banish them from Fargo. Jennifer Jacobson with the Red River Zoo joins us with the lovely Bull Snake, Jessie. She tells us why people shouldn’t be afraid of snakes, and talks about the uses they have in nature and for farmers. Watch to…

Pet Connection: Meet Chance

Chances are, you'll be smitten. We were.

  Chance’s story is a particularly heartbreaking one. The three and a half year old pit bull terrier was recently returned to Diamond in the Ruff rescue after a potential adopter took him home, only to find the dog they already had wouldn’t welcome Chance into the family. Poor Chance! The friendly, calm but energetic tan and white neutered male…

Garth Brooks Makes Good on His Promise for One Fargo Couple

Garth Brooks is flying one local fargo couple out to his concrt in Philadelphia

  FARGO, N.D. — Superstars and celebrities make promises to their fans all the time. But the legendary Garth Brooks is keeping his word when it comes to a Fargo couple. If it’s one thing Siri Freeh knows, it’s music. As co-host for Froggy 99.9’s Morning Splash, Freeh gets to rub elbows with some of the most famous country music…

Downtown Fargo Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

The St. Patrick's Day parade took over downtown Fargo

FARGO, N.D. — The Irish spirit was felt all throughout downtown Fargo. For Timothy O’Leary, there are only four words to describe the atmosphere. “Very festive and happy,” said Timothy O’Leary. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t until next Friday, but those in the F-M area say it’s never too early to get your Irish on. “It’s cold, but people are loving…

Interpretive Dance at City Council Meeting Goes Viral

The city invited performing artist Sara Juli in an effort to promote the mayor's "Arts in Chamber" series

PORTLAND, Maine — Well….art. It’s all relative…right? You don’t have to tell that to anyone at a Portland, Maine City Council meeting. The city invited performing artist Sara Juli in an effort to promote the mayor’s “Arts in Chamber” series. What Juli performed…won’t soon be forgotten. Juli performed what she calls “Shadow Artist” and she uses the entire room as her…

Disney on Ice Comes to the Fargodome

Disney on Ice Will be at the Fargodome Thursday Night Through Sunday Afternoon

FARGO, N.D. — You don’t have to travel to Disney World to experience a show full of your favorite Disney characters. Disney on Ice opens tonight at the Fargodome. “They can expect to see a little bit of everything,” promised Laura Chavez, an ensemble skater for Disney on Ice. “We have the classic princess stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and…

Pet Connection: Meet Peyton

A purebred Boxer who's a lover, not a fighter.

Peyton is a ten month-old boxer who, like most dogs that age, appears at first glance to be a full-grown dog. But dogs this age still have some filling out to do, and emotionally and psychologically are pretty much puppies. That means they need consistent work from owners keeping them up to scratch on their training, and lots of exercise,…