Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Virginia

I can't wait to Meet Virginia.

If you know “Meet Virginia,” by the band Train, you probably know it’s about a woman who, in the words of the song, “loves babies and surprises….wears high heels when she exercises…she’s beautiful.” This Virginia doesn’t wear high heels, but she does like children and wear a coat outside when it’s cold out. And boy is she beautiful, both inside…

Pet Connection: Meet Kaylee

Sometimes, you just need a puppy for Christmas.

If you woke up Christmas morning and the puppy you asked for wasn’t  under the Christmas tree, it’s still not too late. Kaylee came to join us this holiday season on the KVRR Morning Show, and she’s the perfect package of puppy energy and sweetness. The 8-month old owner surrender appears to be a cross between a German Shepherd and…

Pet Connection: Meet Murr

He's worth all the gold and frankincense in the world.

Okay, so they don’t spell it the same as the Biblical gifts the three wise men gave to baby Jesus — frankincense, gold and myrrh. But big kitty Murr is a treasure in his own right. Murr was rescued as a stray from the pound by Homeward Animal Rescue. And since Homeward’s Heather Klefstad has a lot of upper-body strength,…

Pet Connection: Meet Murphy

With his snow-white fur and senior status, he's kind of the Santa of dogs.

Murphy the Maltese mix might just be the perfect dog for the holiday season. With his soft white fur and big brown eyes, he could be a tiny little Saint Nick — or maybe just an animated cotton ball. Murphy, at 14, was given up by a family who couldn’t care for him any longer, and he’s looking for a…

Pet Connection: Meet Whitley

Your very own Christmas elf in canine form.

If Christmas elves came in dog form, you would probably have something that looked like Whitley. The year-old, four-pound Chihuahua/teacup poodle cross arrived at the KVRR Morning Show dressed in a red and green Christmas sweater that could, conceivably, fit on your average elf-on-the-shelf doll. She even has the giant, pointed ears to go with it. Whitley was surrendered by…

Pet Connection: Meet Dottie

Spot-on one of the cutest cats we've ever met.

Dottie is one of those cats whose personality is even more lovely than her looks — and that’s really saying something with this stunning feline. Not only does she have that striking spot on one eye, she also has a little heart-shaped mark right at the base of her tail. Whoever gets Dottie is going to get the total package,…

Pet Connection: Meet Jellybean

Sweet and tiny.

Jellybean is shivering when she arrives at the KVRR Morning Show studios, and not just because it’s in the single digits outside. The tiny chihuahua is also nervous as heck, but she’s cooperative and well-behaved with visitors and her handler, 4 Luv of Dog rescue worker and founder Kish Hilmert. The sweet-natured little lady was rescued from a hoarding situation…

Pet Connection: Meet Diva and Nubby

And 47 of their closest friends.

Are you in the market for a cockatiel? How about two? No? How about nearly 50 of them? Most of us aren’t really ready to care for 49 of any species of animal, let alone these beautiful little birds. Fortunately, CAARE avian rescue in West Fargo was, when the call came in that an owner had “about 30” birds in…

Pet Connection: Meet Fetty

A dog who deserves a soft couch and a cuddle, after some hard knocks in life.

Fetty might look tough, but he’s all squishy on the inside. Let’s face it, a life like his is bound to result in some tenderizing. First of all, the four-year-old pit bull already had enough to deal with after losing one eye to injury, as 4 Luv of Dog’s Karen Schneider explained live in-studio to the Morning Show’s Emily Welker….

Pet Connection: Meet Pascal

Good things come in small packages.

He may come in a pint-sized package, but Pascal packs a lot of personality into it. The 2-year-old Chihuahua was rescued by Homeward Animal Shelter from a local pound, and he visited live in-studio on the KVRR Morning Show Emily Welker, along with Homeward rescue worker Heather Clyde. The pair arrived on the set just ahead of the shelter’s annual…