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Health Matters: Double Checking for Breast Cancer

Last year, breast cancer  killed more than 40,000 women.

Health Matters: Preparing for the End of Life's Journey

What happens when you can no longer make medical decisions for yourself?

Focus On Fitness: Mommy, Baby Workout

Essentia Health shows us tips on how to get a workout with your baby.

Health Matters: Detroit Lakes Paramedics and the Lucas 2 Device

Many of us know the classic procedure of giving someone CPR with your hands.


Focus On Nutrition: The Importance Of Water

You hear it from your parents, teachers, doctors and personal trainers.
Drink more water, and then drink more water after that.


Focus on Fitness: Working Out in the Workplace

We talk to experts at Essentia Health who help us understand how to make your work space the most effective for you.

Health Matters: Disposing of Your Old Medications

Many people hold on to their old medications so they don't have to go see their doctor again if the problem comes back.

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