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Health Matters: Beating Dry Winter Skin

Dry skin can happen to anybody, but it's more likely to hit you when the colder temperatures sink in.

Essentia Nutrition: Kids Meal Battles, Part 2

Are your kids eating healthy during the holidays? Let's talk: visions of sugarplums are  dancing in their heads.

Health Matters: Beating the Holiday Blues

If you're not looking forward to the holidays, you may not be alone.

Essentia Nutrition: Dealing with Picky-Eating Kids

You'd think at Thanksgiving, everyone would find something they like to eat.

Health Matters: Having A Healthier Thanksgiving

If you're counting your calories, Thanksgiving may be trouble.

Essentia Fitness: Pregnancy and Exercise

Working out is important, especially when you're exercising for two.

Essentia Nutrition: The Dirty Dozen

Organics are expensive. Some are more worth it than others.

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