With a few more warm weeks ahead of us, it's perfect to hit the outdoor trails.

In this week's Essentia Fitness, KVRR's Diane Thao will show us how to warm up before running on trails.

I'm here with Essentia Health's Kate Ihle, who'll show us how to prep properly before trail running.

So Kate what is the first thing we need to know?
"First thing when you're going to do any walking or running is you want to have the proper shoes," says Ihle. "Go to your local sporting goods store and discuss with the sales people what you want to be doing. Are you going to be walking? Are you going to be running? Is it going to be the trails? Is it going to be a long distance? This applies to running as a whole. Make sure you have the proper footwear, it'll give you the best option for less injury and whatnot down the road."
Now are we ready to start running or do we need to do some stretches?
"I would do a little bit of a warm up first," says Ihle. "Anything that would get your heart rate going a little bit. You know, walking slowly and then working up to a faster pace depending on what your goal is for the day. Stretching out the ham strings, stretching out the quad is another option. Another lower body stretches is where you want to focus your time."
Do you mind just demonstrating for us some quick stretches before we actually start running?
"Sure," says Ihle. "First thing we would reach down and grab for my toes. Stretching out those hamstrings. That is one of the biggest muscle group that you're going to work while you are running or walking. Second one would be to stretch out the quad. Use your partner if you would like. Grab your heel, same hand and foot, stretching out the quad. Last one I would do is spread those feet out a little wider than shoulder width and reach down to the ground. Then reach for each one of your feet. Again, it's stretching out those hamstrings and stretching out the adductors which are the muscles inside of your legs."
Sounds good Kate. Are we ready to run?
"Yes, we're going to take off and go for a little jog."
Okay, sounds good!