Don't let the sun burn you out from exercising outdoors.

In this Essentia Fitness KVRR'S Diane Thao shows us how to properly work out in the heat without fainting.

I'm with Essentia Health Athletic Trainer Tessa Martin who is going to be sharing with us on how to exercise in the heat. So Tessa, what are some good tips for people who do plan on exercising outdoors.

"Now that the summer is upon us, people are wanting to be outdoors more. Whether it's just working in the yard or exercising or things like that, it's just really important to make sure that you're taking the proper steps to prevent any type of heat illness that might occur," Martin says.

So tell me, what is heat illness?

"So it can be a lot of different things. It can be something as minor as getting a heat cramp or something as severe as heat stroke. Some of the signs for that is that heat cramps, that are where you're getting a cramp or a tightening of the muscle, a lot of times that happens in the calf or a lot of time in the abdominal muscles. A lot of the times it happens because you're dehydrated. You're not getting enough fluids or you lost a lot of fluids through your sweats or electrolytes," Martin explains.

So Tessa, how do people prevent this from happening?

"So one of the major things is to make sure you're acclimatizing to the heat. So that can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. So you want to limit your time and gradually build it up. Another important thing is to make sure you're adjusting to your workout time so you're not reaching those peak, high temperatures. So a lot of times, it's better to work out early in the morning or more into the evening. Another important thing is to make sure you're wearing the proper clothing. You kind of want to stay away from cotton, just because it absorbs your sweat and doesn't wick off. Basically if you're sweating a lot it's just keeping your skin moist and that can cause rash. So you want to make sure you're wearing light color clothing because dark clothing absorbs the sunlight. So just wear light clothing, no long sleeve, stuff like that," Martin states.

Are there certain people who are more susceptible to heat?

"People who are not outside very often are more susceptible to heat illnesses. If you're really young or elderly, that can cause you to be a little more susceptible to heat illness. Overweight people tend to be more susceptible. And also people who are very driven and them kind of push through things. Sometimes they can be more susceptible because they're ignoring those warning signs like headache, nausea, weakness, fatigue," Martin says.