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Son of Unsolved Murder Victim Speaks Out

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A Grand Forks, North Dakota man is on the hunt for justice, and for the person he says murdered his father almost nine years ago.

Jeremy Such knows his father died in Crookston, Minnesota from multiple stab wounds to the heart, and he's been working with Crookston police since then looking for answers.

He has been making calls to Crookston Police for more than eight years, ever since Christmas Eve of 2002.

“I was at my grandparents’ house. I remember waking up that morning, coming downstairs, and my grandpa telling me,” he said.

Telling him that has father, Christopher Such, had died.  He was only 44 years old.

“My grandpa just told me that he had a heart issue. Then later I found out later that he was actually stabbed in the heart,” Jeremy said.

It was just before his 18th birthday, and since that tragic holiday, he is still waiting for justice.

“As more things pass on in time, the less of a chance that someone’s memory is going to recall a certain event,” he said.

The stabbing happened at Broadway Apartments in Crookston.

Police originally marked the case as inactive, calling the stabbing "self inflicted".

But Jeremy says his father was actually a victim of domestic violence. He believes he knows the killer, and he's made it his job to prove it.

“I've emailed the President, Governor, Senators, different agencies and departments that can help me, but I really haven’t gotten anything,” he said.

Crookston Police said they refused to go on camera, but said they are continuing to investigate.

“I know he would fight just as hard as I am right now and it's hard to not get anything done,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy's efforts caused Police to reopen the case in January. We requested police reports but police said they cannot release any information on an open investigation.

“My wife never got to meet him. I mean, I can talk about him, tell stories, but people just can't actually know how great he was,” Jeremy said.

As the investigation rolls on, Jeremy said he relives the pain each day. “Every holiday, every birthday, every different event, I mean, smelling the smell of his leather belt or cologne, or Marlboro cigarettes, it just brings back the feeling of missing him.”

So he will continue fighting, until he gets an answer.

Jeremy Such is asking anyone with more information on the murder of Christopher Such to call Crookston Police at 218-281–3111

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