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Food Fight Over: It's Time for Taco Bros.

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A Fargo food truck is back in business after a family food fight temporarily shut it down.


Taco Bros., one of Fargo's few mobile restaurants, opened its window again Friday to the mouths of customers hungry for Mexican.


“Is it time to panic? Almost!” said Taco Bros. Owner Octavio Gomez.


The tickets kept backing up, as customers rolled in.


“It was so fresh. They toasted the tortilla so that it was nice and crispy,” said Jen Nelson of Fargo.


“[I got] two corn tacos with chicken. Lots of pico and cilantro. It was perfect!” said Jennifer Koshnick who came all the way from Flagstaff, AZ.


But for 10-year-old Austin Leonard of Moorhead,  he waiting in line “Trying to see how good the tacos are.”


It's been just a few weeks since Octavio Gomez and his brother Raul opened Fargo's first Mexican food truck.


“I got the ‘I trust you bro platter’. And it was definitely a really, really good decision because I trusted him,” said Nate Sojka of Fargo.


“I was just screwing up a lot, so I thought, how about I just make an ‘I trust you bro’,” Octavio said.


But things can get messy, when food comes between family.


The long line of customers eager to get their hands on a bite have gone hungry for a week, after a fight between ‘bros’ temporarily closed down the vendor.


“I was really sad and disappointed because they’re a great upstart business and are doing something good for Fargo,” Sojka said.


But after some negotiating, the food is back, just one brother short.


“I never got a chance to try it before the family feud started, so I was excited to come out today and have some tacos,” Nelson said.


The only problem, one man down means one less standing.


Raul is out of the business.


“That definitely makes things a little tougher,” Octavio said.


Making waits a little longer, and food a little lower.


“We’re out of rice! We came and prepped for two hours yesterday. Made enough pico to stop that train back there,” Octavio said.


But the menu and manner… “Just like good little Catholics here, let’s get these [orders] confirmed!” Octavio said…good enough for seconds.


“Spicy, perfect, the way I like 'em,” Leonard said.


“It’s great. It brings people together outside where you can enjoy food and friends,” said Sojka.


And for Octavio, the turnout may be overwhelming, but it’s the biggest praise of all. “It’s amazing. I didn’t expect there to be this much of a craze for Mexican cuisine […] And for now, it's make do with what you've got.”


Taco Bros. is temporarily located in the parking lot of the Empire on Broadway and is opened for lunch and dinner.



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