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Out of the Darkness Walk Brings Awareness to Suicide

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Hundreds of people gather in Fargo to support one another and to remember the lives of their loved ones they lost to suicide.

The 7th annual Out of the Darkness Community Walk is helping one mother move forward with the loss of her daughter still so fresh in her heart.
"I asked them if she was okay and they said no, she wasn't."
Catrina Lewis recalls the tragic day she lost her daughter, Meghan Lewis, to suicide just 42 days ago.
"It was a complete shock. Her mask was sunny and smiley. You would have never known she was going to do something like that."
It's a kind of mask Lewis says her 24–year–old daughter and many others wore.
"Depression wears a different kind of face. With Meghan you would have never known. I talked to her that night and had no idea."
Today Lewis is among family, friends and hundreds of people who are feeling the same pain.
"I was in denial. The one person I always saw smiling and supporting was gone," Meghan's friend Robyn Stromberg explained.
All walking together for the 7th Annual Out of the Darkness Walk, remembering the lives of those lost and bringing light to a dark subject.
Christie VanAsperen said, "We want to spread the word to people. That there are resources out there and it does help..."
Even though everyone walks together, the feeling of their lost loved ones being there is what keeps them going.
"She'll always be above us. She's our cheer angel now and will always look down on us," Stromberg said.
And for Lewis, knowing Meghan will always be there is what motivates her to bring awareness to suicide.
"It's very hidden and very dark and it needs to come into the light," Lewis explained.
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention held the walk in Fargo.

There are 250 Out of the Darkness Walks nationwide, with six in North Dakota.

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