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"The Vault" Owner Hopes To Spur Business Development

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After being featured on our news last month, The Vault Coffee Shop in Valley City has caught worldwide attention and gone viral because of its unique pay by honor system.


The attention is also having positive effects on the community.


It's that nice that these 250 people have always prided themselves on, but now they cheer to the future during a photo-op for media outlets around the world.


"The people in Valley City make this coffee shop possible; I'm hoping Valley City gets its dues," Owner of The Vault Coffee Shop David Brekke said.


And that's what David Brekke plans to do.


Hundreds of thousands of people have watched our story online...on sites like CNN and The Huffington Post.


Brekke hopes all that attention will restore people's faith in each other and show the beauty of small towns, where a store can operate with no staff and trust its customers to pay.


“This store became big because people from cities have a hard time imagining people could be like this. All over the nation small towns have this kind of close knit communities,” Brekke said.


Answering dozens of calls from around the world.


“I got a call from someone in Singapore. He said it was wonderful to hear good news coming out of America. He was American,” Brekke said. 


Brekke has kept busy.

But his business hasn't been booming from becoming a world–wide sensation.


He has only profited a total of $8, but says it's all worth it because of the positive difference its making.

"Valley City is finding we are here as well. We have people saying that Jamestown would love to have a shop like The Vault. Valley City is seeing it and realizing they have a gold mine right in their own backyard,” Owner of Vintage Variety Lorraine Curtis said.


"It was cool to be part of something big, when you're from a rural area everything is small, being in a big group like this is fun," Valley City resident Ruth Lehfeldt said.


City officials say there are many incentives to opening a business in town.


"We have a new corridor construction going in the east part of town. There is new housing development in the North,” Executive Vice President/Chamber of Commerce Kay Vinje said.


Vinje says the city has a lot of potential and is growing at a rapid pace.


"I think there are progressive people in Valley City that are looking towards the future, and looking to that expansion and making this a welcoming place,” Vinje said. 


A place that began as a vision for the Brekkes, but now a reality too good to be true.


"If you follow your dreams, anything can happen," said Co-owner of The Vault Coffee Shop Kimberly Brekke said.


The shop on Central Avenue is open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.Monday through Saturday.


It's open noon to 10 p.m. on Sundays.

You can check them out online at thevaultvalleycity.com


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