UPDATE:  70.95 percent voted "no" on the plan to renovate the two schools.

People in Barnesville vote on a $35.2 million school construction plan.

The renovation plans are for the elementary and high schools.

The proposal that would raise everyone's property taxes has been the talk of this small town.

2,637 is the current number the state demographer has for the population of Barnesville, and on voting day they come together to one location and go head to head.

"The reason why the referendum is up for vote today is it's been 30 years since there have been any renovations or updates to the school district facilities," says Leah Baker, who is voting "yes".

"People raise kids not the land, so why should the land pay for it," says Ross Rehder, who is voting "no".

The school district is asking for $35.2 million, and if it passes the owner of a $200,000 home would pay an additional $533 in property taxes each year.

"Farm land owners have a big stake in this. And it's really important to them to make sure we can find a most economical way to improve the school," says Rehder.