Police say a string of fires near downtown Grand Forks appear to be suspicious.

One of the fires tore through the back of a house.

Grand Forks police and fire responded to three separate fires at around 3 this morning.

The first two fires started in garbage in the alley of 6th Street North.

The third started in a home.

It was just past 3 a.m. when Bryan Good heard neighbors banging on his front door.

"As soon as they hollered up that the house was on fire I just ran to get everybody. Got em' out," homeowner Bryan Good says.

Neighbors say they rushed to his aid and checked on the family.

"I thought my polka dotted house was on fire, and I just jumped up, put my pants on, I had no shirt, no shoes, and I just come running out and here it was the neighbor's house," neighbor Jim Deitz.

Jim Deitz says six firetrucks woke him up.

"They were all out here at four o'clock this morning and he was sleeping, someone had to pound on his door to get him out of the house. He thought it was someone from the KC Club, you know," Deitz says.

When Bryan realized what was happening, he woke up and got everybody out of the house and says fortunately, everyone's safe.

"I got em oughta here. They're over at a friends right now. We'll get a motel a few nights," Good says.

The fire department is still assessing the damage, taking pictures of charred doors and checking electrical.

"Mostly the back was damaged, the rest of it was just smoke damage. Don't know when they're gonna let us back in," Good says.

The cause of the fires is still under investigation.

Police say no injuries were reported, and if you know anything about what happened, give them a call.