The Downtown Fargo Task Force says proper trash disposal is a problem.

Trash is not going in the right bin in downtown Fargo.

The majority of the this months meeting was spent talking about improving recycling in the busy area.

Seventy percent of the recycling bins are being filled with regular garbage.

Task force members say because both regular trash bins and the recycling bins are black, people may have a problem knowing the difference.

A possible solution will be changing the recycling bin lids to either blue or green in the near future.

"I think through this conversation we hopefully get to a point where we either brand it differently or have a different lid on top that will hopefully promote people to recycle and create a easier task for the people who are going through trash instead of having to go through all that garbage in the recycling," says Derrick LaPointe, with Fargo City Planning.

The Downtown Task Force meets once a month to discuss different things that affect downtown Fargo.

If you do see something you would like to mention to the Downtown Task force, you can contact the Planning Department at the city.