The El Zagal Golf Course holds it grand reopening after a $2.23 million dollar project gave them a remodel.

Originally, the plan was to build flood walls along 15th and 14th Avenue N, but the City of Fargo decided an earthen levee would be much more cost effective.

The flood bank affects the golf course so the city teamed up with the Fargo Park District to reconstruct.

The project closed the course for one year.

"Not only did they save money, but the community got a brand new golf course, a brand new drainage plan, a brand new irrigation, brand new building, and everyone is just incredibly happy with how everything turned out on this project," says Roger Gress, Executive Director of Fargo Park District.

The El Zagal golf course will exclusively offer footgolf in the area, a sport that combines soccer and golf.

Players can footgolf right along those who are playing golf.