It's back to school season and there may be something missing from your list.

A plan in the case of an emergency.

There are many things that could make you late or make you not able to pick your child up.

Do they wait or maybe do they go home with a friend?

We talked to local families to see if they've had that conversation.

"If my parents couldn't be home they would have me walk home. They would usually call the school, have them tell me what to do, or one of my mom's good friends would pick me up," says Miranda Allen.

At 20-years-old she remembers one important thing her parents made sure she knew.

"Don't go with strangers that's all I know," Allen says.


It's the one thing everyone I talked to agree on.

There are two parts to this equation.

"My brother has a cell phone younger than I did so if my mom cant pick him up for some reason my mom will text him and let him know she's gonna be late so he will stay in the library or something," says Kaley Stotz.

For younger children, make sure emergency contacts at the school are updated.

In an already stressful situation, having a plan can help put at least some parts of your mind at ease.

"I would say it's very important so that the kids wouldn't feel stressed and parents would know where they are at all times. So I definitely think it's important if an emergency comes up that they call the school so that the kids know what they can do and the school knows that they will be in good hands," says incoming freshman Maddy Smith.

Nobody from the school district was available to talk on camera.

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