The Grand Forks County Sheriff's Office tells KVRR Local News they have recommended to the State's Attorney's Office to file child neglect charges against Mary Hackworth.

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Mary Hackworth says she wants people to know her failure to call police is not a sign of neglect and police say they want people to understand for future reference, it's never too early to report a missing child.

The Grand Forks County Sheriff's Office was notified on Monday morning around 11:30 of a toddler walking on the side of a rural street in just her underwear.

After picking up the child, police say they located her home and brought her back to her mother.
"Apparently sometime in the morning before the mom woke up, the daughter woke up and left the residence," said Lt. BJ Maxson of the Grand Forks County Sheriff's Office.
Mary Hackworth says she had been looking for her daughter since she noticed she was missing earlier that morning.
"All that was running through my mind is that I need to find her," said Hackworth.
After searching her home multiple times, she says she realized the situation was more dire than a game of hide and seek.

She says she began searching the areas around her home.
Her daughter was picked up about two miles away from here by officers and as of now she still hasn't given an explanation as to why she left in the first place.
Hackworth says she considered contacting police while searching for her daughter but a combination of stress and misunderstanding of how soon missing persons can be reported kept her from making the call.
"I just knew that she needed me," said Hackworth.  "And she wasn't where she was supposed to be and that was my job. To keep her safe and for that not to be happening, it really took a toll on me."
Police however want to let the public know that there is nothing that should prevent a person from reporting a missing child.
"You give us a call, especially with a child, we place a high importance on everybody in the county but especially the children," said Lt. Maxson.

While Hackworth's husband is away for work, she says her daughter has been acting out.

Hackworth is meeting with social services to determine what actions, if any will be taken against her.