Fargo Mayor Mahoney is hosting other North Dakota mayors and business leaders to talk about expansion.
The annual Mayor's Summit is an opportunity to collaborate and make things happen in North Dakota's business world.

Every year, local politicians and business leaders come together to trade ideas and help each other expand.
"It's just really great to see this community grow and everybody helping the entrepreneurial spirit, and it's just really fun to watch it all happen," Spotlight Media founder Mike Dragosavich says.
When all the networking and catching up was done, business leaders had no more than three minutes to pitch their ideas.
"This is an opportunity for them to hear what people do in short segments. So if you don't like one speech, it's three minutes, here comes the next one. So it really allows you to get a real idea of what somebody did, how they grew the business and what their advice is to others," Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says.
Much of the advice talked about how to work with and understand millennials.

They also say today's business world is changing; with companies like Uber operating a taxi service without actually owning any cabs.

Mayor Mahoney hopes this exchange of new business ideals will foster growth in our local economy.
"The Bank of North Dakota is here and we're looking for a loan from the Bank of North Dakota to help us with some of our infrastructure, and we'll visit with them today, and they'll visit with us, maybe come back with a 2 percent loan. That'd be fantastic," Mayor Mahoney says.
"We're seeing that North Dakota's population is now growing because of start-up businesses and the more access people have to information, the more creative they can be, the more success they'll have, the more young people will retain, the healthy our economy is and the better our state will be," Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown says.
It's all collaborations they say will help improve lives in the Red River Valley.
Emerging Prairie helped host the event as 18 business leaders gave their three minutes talks.