Art is one of the best ways to express yourself, and for one Moorhead student, that expression has led to a national honor.

"Cartoons are a very succinct way of getting across an argument if you can do it effectively enough," says local cartoonist Devon Manney.

And that way of expressing an argument has won Manney the John Locher Memorial Award from the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

He draws cartoons for the University of Southern California's newspaper, The Daily Trojan.

Manney says that editorial cartoons are a way to make a statement about what's going on in today's world from both a political and journalistic point of view.

"Editorial cartoons are a way for people to summarize a whole political argument in a few lines on paper. I think that's really really powerful," Manney explains.

The college senior started drawing cartoons as a kid.

It has led to a future in filmmaking, but he also illustrates and performs in musical theater.

"I had bigger ideas and wanted to diversify my artistic sensibilities which grew into a lot of different areas and infested my entire being," Manney says.

One of the most important things to him though was his arts education at Moorhead High School, where he says he was surrounded by creativity and a supportive community, 24/7.

"Going through four years there was I think the greatest gift a young artist could possibly imagine," he exclaims.

Manney will be accepting his award next month at the AAEC Annual Convention in Durham, North Carolina.

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