Big names like Ludacris and B.O.B will be playing in Fargo on Friday at the first ever JCI Music festival.

Organizers Big Reeno and his brother Chuck have been planning the concert for two years now.

They plan shows all over the world but the Valley City State University graduates are excited to bring it home.

Newman Outdoor Field will fill up with screaming fans on Friday, but not just for big names, but for local ones too.

"We have Austin Cannon, we have Raska and a very very talented young man  who goes to, who used to go to MSUM called Roddy banks," says Big Reeno.

Recording artist Big Reeno is excited to give local musicians a platform to perform, because small shows are exactly how he started.

"My dream is to make Fargo the new home for music because I'm tired of people going out there and saying you're from Fargo? Yes I'm from Fargo what do you mean," Reeno says.

It started in a dorm room, then he moved to Visual Arts Studio in Fargo, and now he records in LA.

"We started with a mic and a laptop and a mixer," says Chuck, Reeno's brother and co-organizer.

Reeno hopes his story can inspire others.

"One thing lead to another and next thing you know I'm opening for rap artist the game, I'm touring with Tech 9, I'm touring with Nelly, I'm touring with Flo Rida and the rest is history," Reeno explains.

But Friday is more than just a concert.

It's a way Reeno and Chuck honor their mother.

"Let's remember, a portion of proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society, which means a lot of us because my mom passed away to cancer, and a lot of artist hear about what this is going toward and want to become a part of it," Reeno says.

JCI is named after their mother.

Joy was her first name, and they say music is the perfect way to honor her.

The two plan on making the concert an annual event and say it can only get bigger from here.

For information on how to get tickets click here.