A group at Concordia College is asking you never to forget an important day in our nation...and they have a display set up on campus to remind you.

Concordia's Young Americans for Freedom set up nearly 3,000 American flags to remember and honor the victims of the 9-11 terror attacks.

They say many incoming students may not know a lot about 9-11 because they were too young to understand what was happening on that day.

Organizers say many students and staff who walked by during their set-up were suddenly reminded of the 15th anniversary and hope it continues to remind others to "never forget".

"Even though I know that it happened, it's just hard to wrap our minds around it," said Young Americans for Freedom President Brayden Drevlow. "I think that a lot of our peers think that way as well and so it's important for us to put out these flags to symbolize all those individual's lives that were lost."

Nearly 200 other college campuses around the country are also setting up displays for the 9-11 Never Forget Project that started in 2003.