Thirteen months and almost $9 million later, major renovations to MSUM's Comstock Union are complete.

The transformation is like night and day.

"We've heard students say, I didn't know the building was this big," says Layne Anderson, MSUM Student Union Director.

A 3,400 square foot addition may not seem like a lot, but new furniture and large windows make it look like a different place.

"One of the things with the concept of creating better daylight in the building was not only this addition, but how could we penetrate it further into the building," says Anderson.

"Before it just seemed very dark at times.  Letting all the natural light in is really nice, especially in winter–time when you can't actually sit outside and enjoy it," says MSUM student Tori Edwards.

They've added new restaurants including the F–M area's very first Jamba Juice.

Anderson says some new restaurants will open by October such as Sub Connection, the former Subs and Sweets; WOW Café and Wingery, and Holy Habaneros.

"It's really trying to meet the variety of needs that students have, and create a space that really they feel is their own and they can see themselves in that space," says Anderson.

With loads of new furniture in the Union, there's several new ways for students to lounge, relax, and study.

"I think it's gonna bring a lot more people to this area, it's a bigger space too," says MSUM student Edgar Negron.

"They put a lot of new furniture in here, it's pretty nice for the students to just sit, chill, study, hang out," says MSUM student Edomies Kassa.

All student organizations displaced by the project are now moved to other locations on campus.

Anderson says there's plans to add more pool tables and other recreation features in the near future and that the project was completed on schedule and under budget.