President Dean Bresciani is under review by the North Dakota Board of Higher Education.

It began after text messages from Bresciani to NDSU's athletic director appeared to contradict an earlier statement, saying he was "profoundly disappointed" by media restrictions.

Some people say they're outraged by the texts, and hope all his actions are taken into account.

In an email sent to students and faculty, Bresciani claims his statements were misinterpreted.

On July 29th, NDSU announced media restrictions for covering Bison games.

After criticism, President Dean Bresciani ordered those restrictions be done away with, saying he didn't know about them.

But just a few days later, a public record of Bresciani's text messages appeared to contradict his statement.

Bresciani said in an email that his comment was misinterpreted, saying he wasn't disappointed in the new guidelines, but disappointed by the process.

The Board of Higher Ed says this latest text message development is serious and consistent with past issues.

In June, the board complemented his work on the campus, but feel Bresciani needs to be more of a team player, reviewing his progress on communication and teamwork.

NDSU senior Nathan Kurtti tells us, "I think that when you have a lot to do, there will be a lot of conflict. He could do better, but I guess this is what we have right now."

Having sent emails to NDSU admitting the text messages were "not appropriate," some are happy with Bresciani's response.

"I think the way he's approaching it is, I would say, pretty professional, although from what I've been hearing it could have been handled better," Kurtti says.

Some say this definitely makes him look bad, but think it's not enough to get rid of him.

"I think he is fit, but there are people that get paid a lot more money than I do that get to make that decision. You can really find out anything and everything that's been going on behind the scene," Jason Dannelly of Fargo says.

The Board of Higher Ed says after they finish reviewing Bresciani, they will consider the next steps as soon as possible.

An online petition has been started by his backers with over 100 people showing their support for Bresciani.