ADA, Minn. -

Gusty wind, hail and tornadoes plagued much of the region all weekend.

Suspected tornadoes last night in Norman County were given a preliminary EF-2 rating from the National Weather Service.

Storms ran through parts of Mahnomen, Polk, and Norman Counties, and for some, it hit a lot closer to home.

The first siren went off at about 8 PM and it just kept on coming until 1 AM for communities in western Minnesota.

There were rooves blown off of buildings and huge trees that came down along with about 10 inches of rain within a two–day span.

"Thankfully, we were all in the house and everyone in my family was safe and the way it sounds everyone in town was safe too, so that's the main thing," Ada farmer Corey Jacobson.

And that was the case for people within the Tri–County area as there were no injuries or fatalities.

But some farmers, like the Jacobsons, have to rebuild barns and replace their combines which can cost up to half–a–million dollars.

The Jacobsons are waiting on insurance adjusters as well as local contractors to come help with the recovery for the long road.