It is Hero Day at the YMCA of Cass–Clay, a day to say thank you to all of the heroes in the community.

It's all part of the organization's core belief that a community is stronger together.

Many think the YMCA is just a place to get in a good workout, but the "Y" has a core mission behind everything it does, and Hero Day is about spreading that mission to the community.

"We're trying to just bring people together and that's really what the Y is all about.  And so this is just an opportunity for us to say let's be stronger together.  We want heroes to come in, get strong and tighten family units and belong to the Y," says Casey Sanders, Marketing and Retention Director for YMCA of Cass-Clay.

The Fargo YMCA believes in Stronger Together, which is building a stronger community by having everyone come together here at the YMCA.  And then especially today that includes the community's local heroes.

Many local heroes have already heard that message.  One of them is Herb Snyder, a former Army Intelligence Officer and a 13–year member of the "Y."

"Nobody here is judgmental.  The range of people makes it really easy for you to fit in.  Like in spin class, nobody can see how hard you're working because you can't fall behind a pack of stationary bikes," says Herb Snyder, a member of the YMCA.

The "Y" would like those who haven't become a member yet to know one thing...

"We just want to say thank you.  So stop by, see what's at the Y.  See if you want to share this with your family, and share our message.  Hear about our mission and our cause," says Sanders.

This was the YMCA's first Hero Day.

Local heroes who join today will pay no enrollment fee and get their first month free.

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