How did a toddler disappear from home and his family not notice for two hours?

Police say it's something that could happen with almost any child.

Moorhead police got an unusual call Tuesday morning around nine.

Someone found a kid.

"The child was described as two years old only wearing a diaper and a shirt walking on the street," explains Sgt. Clint Stephenson with the Moorhead Police Department.

The young boy took off from an apartment on the 2600 block of Country Club Parkway.

He was staying with his aunt while his mom was out of town.

Sgt. Stephenson says, "The aunt overslept and the child is at an age where he likes to explore and he was able to get out the unlocked apartment door and begin wandering the neighborhood."

He was found along 11th Street North in Moorhead.

"He was on a busy roadway, and obviously at that age it's very concerning to us to be able to find a guardian or a parent right away," adds Stephenson.

But police didn't find the aunt until two hours later, when she noticed her nephew was missing.

Sgt. Stephenson explains, "She immediately began to search the immediate area and ran into one of our officers that was canvassing the neighborhood."

Police say that cases like this can offer a valuable lesson; that even small children can simply wander off at a moment's notice.

Stephenson adds, "Unfortunately, at times parents fall asleep and kids at that age tend to wander. It's uncommon but it does happen."

In fact, it happened last week in Grand Forks County.

A three–year–old girl was found two miles from her Manvel home in nothing but her underwear.

But thankfully in both cases, the children were returned to family unharmed.

Moorhead Police say it's unclear if any charges will be filed in the case.