Zero deaths on the roads.

That's the goal high school athletes in Clay County are striving for.
They tell us why now is the most important time to focus on safety on the roads.
DGF Cross Country runner Shayley Gifford knows her loved ones can be on the road at any time.
"Relatives, family members that we all care about. We want to keep them safe," Gifford says.
For her, that's a pretty convincing reason to try and stop drunk driving.
"Stay safe on the roads, especially during Labor Day weekend," she asks.
She joins other athletes and the Minnesota Highway Patrol to spread the message, zero deaths on Minnesota roads.
"We have way too many deaths on roadways each year. Too often, alcohol is a major factor," says Sgt. Jesse Grabow with the Minnesota Highway Patrol.
Drunk Driving is especially worrisome during the Labor Day weekend.

One in five traffic deaths in Minnesota during the weekend are drunk-driving related.
These kids say it's easy to stay safe, even if you've been drinking.
"Take a cab, call a friend if you are impaired," offers Gifford. "Just don't drive if you're drunk."
Their message doesn't go away after the holiday.

For these kids, a safe ride home during the season is just as important.
High school athlete Dan Wilson adds, "My whole world is on the road during game nights. Should you be, please make the good choice and don't drive impaired."
It's a pledge they want everyone to take, passengers, drivers, kids and adults, to keep them, and everyone else, safe on the roads.
"Each and every person has a responsibility, so never lose sight of it," adds Sgt. Grabow.
There is hope in the fight against drunk driving.

In Minnesota, DWI arrest numbers have gone down every year for the last decade.