Two North Dakotan volunteers with the Red Cross are driving down to Louisiana.
They're helping give aid to flood victims after a Level 7 disaster submerged many places in the area.
Alan and Carol Becker of Minot just started their journey to Louisiana.

They told me they're not in it for money:

Giving free service to those in need is their passion.
They're making final checks on the emergency response vehicles, ensuring everything is packed and ready, because they don't know when they'll be getting back.
"I will stay as long as the Red Cross needs me," Red Cross volunteer Carol Becker says.
They're helping the people of Lousiana deal with something we're all too familiar with: floods.
"I've experienced this five years ago when they had my 2011 flood so this is going to be the same way," Red Cross volunteer Alan Becker says.
The flooding ranks in at a Level 7 disaster, which is the highest it can get.
"Fifteen rivers are at record flood stage, we had 11,000 thousand people in shelters last night throughout Louisiana so there's a huge need right now for distribution of supplies and volunteers. Right now they have nothing but the clothes on their backs," Red Cross ND regional communications Brian Shawn says.
"They cry out for help and that's what I'm here for, to lend a hand, and lend an ear if they need it." Alan Becker says.
Although they're doing it for free, the reward means way more to them than a paycheck.
"It doesn't matter that I don't get paid. The thank yous, giving them a hug is well worth it," Carol Becker says.
"I love doing what I do, I'm committed to helping people," Alan Becker says.
To find out how you can help out and give to victims of the Louisiana floods, click here.